WATCH: Gov. DeSantis tells Benny why he refuses to accept transgender labels and it’s fantastic

Benny Johnson released more of his interview today with Governor DeSantis in which the governor explains why he refuses to accept transgender labels that leftists are trying to force onto the culture.

Aside from all the clicking in the video, I loved what DeSantis had to say about it. Here’s the best part:

“If you take a man and they dress us as a woman and you tell me I have to accept that they’re a woman, then you’re asking me to be complicit in a lie. And I just refuse to do that. We’ve got to tell the truth. I think the truth will set you free and let’s just be honest about what’s going on here.”

Exactly right, 100%!

Deception is at the core of the core of the transgender lie and, like DeSantis, we refuse to be complicit in the lie. Lies are at the core of so much of the LGBT agenda, whether it’s that people are born gay or men are really women and vice versa.

This is why I love Governor DeSantis so much as a leader because he calls things as they are and doesn’t compromise his principles.

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