WATCH: Great highlights from tonight’s Presidential Debate where President Trump trounced Biden!

There were a few great responses from Trump tonight that I wanted to highlight, the first one being my favorite:

That was the most impressed I was of Trump the whole night. He articled the exact problem with Joe Biden, that he’s been there for 47 years and hasn’t done diddly, even when he was in the White House.

Here’s another great moment where Trump actually got Biden to admit that he wants to get rid of the oil and gas industry:

Even the moderator was like “why would you do that?” LOL.

Also this was a great response too:

“Who built the cages Joe?” C’mon Joe, tell us!!!

Sorry for the low quality on this one, but I couldn’t find this moment anywhere else and haven’t had time to get it myself. But Trump’s response to Biden saying “Republican Congress” was epic:

I should also point out that many on Twitter were quick to notice that Biden lied, he did not have a Republican Congress. But even so, Trump still got the better of him.

Here’s a few more:

This last one from Trump just made me LOL:

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