WATCH: Greg Gutfeld admits he’s GLAD Chauvin found guilty so there won’t be any looting in his neighborhood

Greg Gutfeld actually said something stunning today on Fox News, saying he’s glad Chauvin was found guilty, even if he’s not, so there won’t be any looting in his neighborhood:

Gutfeld immediately got pushback from Judge Jeanine, who suggested that what happens outside of the courtroom shouldn’t have any influence on what happens inside the courtroom.

But Gutfeld claimed he’s just speaking the truth and that there would definitely have been rioting and looting if Chauvin hadn’t been found guilty, as if that justifies his loathsome opinion. He said ‘why pretend otherwise’.

But Jeanine wasn’t pretending otherwise. She was saying that our justice system shouldn’t be influenced by the mob, and she’s exactly right. It sounds like if Gutfeld had been on that jury, he would have throw Chauvin overboard just to protect his neighborhood.

Watch the video for more…

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