WATCH: Gun owner tells Beto “Hell no, you’re not” taking my guns!

A gun owner named Lauren Boebert told Beto O’Rourke today at one of his rallies that “hell no”, he’s not taking her guns:

The big point she Boebert made to Beto was that confiscation would only restrict law abiding gun owners because it won’t stop criminals from breaking the law.

She asked Beto how he would legislate the human heart, pointing out that it was the person with the gun firing it, not the gun itself.

Of course Beto responded in an odd way, saying that her presumption was that humans are inherently evil. But it really wasn’t. Her comments were focused on criminals who don’t care about the law and will violate it regardless of how many AR-15s are confiscated. Her point was clear, but Beto chose to ignore it because her logic is too sound to refute.

As a side note, didn’t you enjoy how triggered the crowd got when she brought up the fact that Beto was once a criminal? LOL, that was awesome. Watch the video for more…

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