WATCH: Gun owner tells Beto “Hell no, you’re not” taking my guns!

A gun owner named Lauren Boebert told Beto O’Rourke today at one of his rallies that “hell no”, he’s not taking her guns:

The big point she Boebert made to Beto was that confiscation would only restrict law abiding gun owners because it won’t stop criminals from breaking the law.

She asked Beto how he would legislate the human heart, pointing out that it was the person with the gun firing it, not the gun itself.

Of course Beto responded in an odd way, saying that her presumption was that humans are inherently evil. But it really wasn’t. Her comments were focused on criminals who don’t care about the law and will violate it regardless of how many AR-15s are confiscated. Her point was clear, but Beto chose to ignore it because her logic is too sound to refute.

As a side note, didn’t you enjoy how triggered the crowd got when she brought up the fact that Beto was once a criminal? LOL, that was awesome. Watch the video for more…

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74 thoughts on “WATCH: Gun owner tells Beto “Hell no, you’re not” taking my guns!

  1. Nice non-answer. I wish that I could have heard the guy hassling her from the crowd.

    Say, if he’s prohibited from owning a gun, how can he be president?

  2. This is the same guy who doesn’t want a border wall. My question to him would be is why aren’t you interested in protecting law abiding American citizens? He’s not nor are any of the other Dems running for office.

    BTW, that woman was good at facing down, not only Beto, but the crowd also.

    1. I don’t think he believes a word of it, he will say anything to get progressive attention.
      If the progressives supported sticking your head in an oven, he’d be calling for it too.

      1. Right now, they only condone sticking your unborn child in an oven. Once they succeed in implementing their full on utopian tyrannical society then it will be back to Nazi Germany, and then everyone they deem unworthy will be promptly directed to the nearest concentration camp. Although sometimes the sheer stupidity they put on display for everyone to see makes me think they have attempted to stick their head in an oven at some point..

  3. Of course Beto responded in an odd way, saying that her presumption was that humans are inherently evil.

    As opposed to believing that humans are inherently good? History says otherwise.

  4. The thing that concerned me was the crowd behind her, yelling and trying to silence her. Thankfully, Beto, to his credit, told them to let her speak.

    1. Yup, I was surprised at how respectful Beto was and how he kept the crowd under control. I give him props for that.

  5. I never would have had the presence and discipline to stay on point like she did. That was an excellent question.

    People like her are how aspiring tyrant like the Fake Mexican will be cut down to the little men they are.

    I hope the next person makes a point about how he couldn’t pass a background check to buy back her firearm.

  6. Where did all of these brainwashed indoctrinated Colorado snowflakes come from? Its unbelievable that they don’t want a woman to be able to defend herself. I remember the leftwing plan from a few years ago. Women were told to pee their pants because that would be a turn off to a rapist and save their lives.

  7. That was good, thanks for posting Scoop. Good for Lauren Boebert for speaking out. As far as the rest of the crowd, we can’t fix stuck on stupid.

  8. Back to the 40,000 gun deaths nonsense. And the “tolerant” idiots who support confiscation applaud this crap. The problem isn’t with fools like Beto – it’s with the morons who support him and his ideas.

    1. And with fools like Beto. He was polite to her. That was nice. But what good did it do when he blew her off by the way he responded?

  9. “I don’t have my AR-15 today – I have my glock. Don’t worry sir, I have your back.”

    Oh, hell yeah! That shut him up. Have to give a nod to Beto for trying to chill the crowd.

    I’ve had to clean my screen twice today; between that line and the picture that is floating on the net of Beto when he was in college, my lap top has been bathed in sweet tea.
    Have you seen the picture? Make sure your mouth is empty….Lawdy……aaaaahahahaha……
    h/t: Pookie’s Toons

    1. Hard to choose my favorite,but I will call it a tie between Beto being drunk, peeing in his pants and the Chain saw artist. Nice post.

  10. “As a side note, didn’t you enjoy how triggered the crowd got when she brought up the fact that Beto was once a criminal”

    More triggered in fact, hardly concerned or triggered at all, than we she announced she had her Glock. Which shows since she presented herself as a law biding mentally stable individual they deep down know its not the weapon they fear its who is in possession of it.

    1. Yes! You would think that after she said she was carrying her Glock, they would run in every direction screaming with their hair on fire 🙂

  11. I give credit to Beto for being respectful to the woman and telling people to let her speak…even after she said he had a criminal past.

    Too bad we didn’t get to hear his answer. Sounds like he may have passed.

      1. Pass on answering her question even by skirting around it. I doubt he passed wind ‘cuz the conservative didn’t pass out.

  12. When Lauren said “I have my Glock” I’m surprised the crowd didn’t part like the Red Sea out of fear they had an armed citizen in their midst. They sure weren’t going to accost her physically !

  13. Good for this lady! She asked him point blank, (which the MSM will not do), about his history, and what his intentions were. Of course, the coward didn’t answer her.

  14. Then the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

    Genesis 6:5

    So yeah, Francis, the Word seems to disagree with you on the point of humans not being inherently evil. Just sayin.

  15. If you are able to tame your mind and control your anger , you will not commit crimes with guns. A famous Indian Buddhist saint said this, our minds are like mad crazy elephants, such elephants if not held to something or let it loose that elephant will cause destruction and rampage . Always be careful of what you think and tame your mind.

  16. Yeah, that dumbass couldn’t answer it without sounding like a.. well, a dumbass…without a clue… Because he hasn’t gotten one, to be sure… the dumb POS…

  17. Sing it, little sister! I could have kissed her when the man next to her said she shouldn’t have a Glock, and she said, “Don’t worry, I have your back.” BAM! That THAT, Beto! Like she said, you can’t legislate the heart of man. It’s not the gun, it’s the human shooting it.

  18. The fake Mexican was once again projecting. It is he that assumes man is inherently evil and in part is why they must be disarmed. His bigger reason for wanting us disarmed is because a helpless and disarmed populace cannot easily fight tyranny. Hello, Venezuela.

  19. “I don’t have my AR15 today, I have my Glock. Don’t worry sir I have your back.”


    I was really hoping to hear Beto’s reply in full though, as he seemed to question a premise I operate on when I talk about free societies. Namely, bad things happen in free societies. You can’t legislate it out without legislating out the freedom and the liberty and the responsibilities and accountability that free people accept. We KNOW that we might get shot because a bad guy does a bad thing. And we know that’s a better risk than not having the right to bear arms.

    We know that. Free people know that. They know that there is risk inherent in liberty, and they accept that.

    It’s the people who trade, or promise, safety for liberty that are the most anti-American people around. Those are the people who the 2nd Amendment was intended to defend against.

  20. ” saying that her presumption was that humans are inherently evil. ” Well, on the flip side by taking guns away from those who are following the law, progressives assume we are the evil ones because we own guns and like to own guns.

    No matter how much one tries to shine the light into darkness, the blind will prefer blindness. They will never accept that it’s a heart problem of those who kill or do violence, whether it’s guns, knives, machetes, vehicles, baseball bats… because of that big ol’ S word. They prefer to keep on living their sinful lives, and can’t bring themselves to admit sin is the heart of the problem.

  21. Alright. Let’s use his logic that all humans are inherently evil. That applies to politicians too right Beto which means we should not trust anyone that runs for office.

  22. Look at how tough drug laws ended our drug problem/sarcasm….Drug laws only increased the size of the black market. A majority controlled by the cartels. The same thing will happen with guns. It will expand the blackmarket controlled by cartels and gangs… how exactly does that make everyone safer? Democrats love helping cartels get richer.

  23. Judging by the crowds reaction… they were too stu,stu,stupid to research the fact that Robert Francis O’Rourke is a criminal… burglary and dwi.

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