WATCH: Herschel Walker speaks at Trump rally in Georgia. “I’m gonna GIVE you a sound bite really quick.”

“You know, every time I go out and speak everybody want a sound bite, I’m gonna give you a sound bite really quick,” said Herschel Walker at the Trump rally in Georgia on Saturday. “We need to get men out of women’s sports, first of all. Let’s get the men out of women’s sports.”

“You know I’m a man of God, and I’m going to tell you right now we’ve gotta do what’s right,” said Walker.

I loved this speech start to finish. It’s one thing to lead with some sound bites and sloganeering, but Herschel Walker is very real, and very genuine. And he was a Dallas Cowboy so what else is there to know.

“When they give money away, they’re giving YOUR money away.” That’s a dang truth that we don’t say enough anymore and that people want to know that their representatives know.

“I’m not here to be a politician, I’m here to be a warrior. Because that’s what God is saying he brought me here to be. He brought me here to be a warrior.”

Me too, brother.

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