WATCH: House Dems deceptively edit video of Trump, get CAUGHT, and media EDITS clip of Castor EXPOSING the EDIT!!

This is just typical but in a way still unbelievable. Trump attorney Bruce Castor exposed a BLATANT example of deceptive editing by the Democrat House managers during the impeachment trial today by showing a side-by-side of what President Trump said with the doctored version used to pad the “case” for the dems. So what do y’all think the media does with that?


I’m fully serious. They CUT the part where Castor exposed the House managers for CUTTING the part of what Trump said that made his words clear. The cut by the House managers changed the meaning of Trump’s words. The cut by the media changes the context Castor’s.

See, he referenced the exact thing Trump said, which was about primary challenges. That’s just a matter of the record, it’s literally what he was talking about. It’s the words he used. That was what Castor described. But the libs/dems/media are saying on Twitter and especially at Mediaite that in fact Castor was trying to hint to Republicans that they can still GET primaried. Like he was sending some kind of message instead of what he was actually doing, which was MAKING CLEAR IN THE RECORD WHAT TRUMP SAID IN THAT FIGHT REMARK.

It’s more complicated to try and have me explain than for y’all to just see it for yourselves. Check this out. Using the Right Side Broadcasting live stream, I’ve clipped the argument made by Castor, in which he shows the side by side. I’ve put Mediaite’s side-by-side with it.

The House managers made it seem like Trump was saying something he wasn’t. And that’s exactly what Mediaite and Blue Checks on Twitter are doing to Castor. Making it seem like he was dropping hints instead of literally describing the actual words the president used.

The House Democrats and the Media are doing the same thing. What’s that word for working with someone else to accomplish some kind of plot? Oh right.


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