WATCH: IDF posts proof that they ‘roof knock’ and allow civilians to escape before blowing up a terrorist building

IDF posted proof today of their ‘roof knocking’ to warn civilians before destroying the building, in an easy to see color video with annotations.


You can tell the ‘roof knock’ because all you see is what appears to be dust flying everywhere, but the building stays intact. Then you see pedestrians fleeing the building from the cameras of the IDF jets (or drones) as they wait. Finally, the bombs are sent and the real explosions occur, with the building collapsing.

Tell me who else does this in war? Is anyone more ethical than Israel when it comes to targeting only terrorists? I doubt it.

The IDF also took out an Islamic Jihadi commander and posted the video of his destruction:

Finally, the IDF just tweeted less than an hour ago that six rockets were launched toward Israel and they all fell in Gaza. I couldn’t find video of it, but I’d love to see these rocket launchers destroyed:

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