WATCH: Indianapolis BLM/Antifa threaten drivers at GUNPOINT for trying to use their city streets as streets.

The words “mostly peaceful protest” are so common in media these days they’re practically a mantra. They’re used no matter what the situation is on the ground in any given location. Libs feel righteous and justified when they say it or write it because they are fighting the evil fearmongers who unfairly dislike riots, you see, so the actual facts are less important than the spirit or gist of the message.

That includes things that are both clearly threats of violence and by far exceed where these same media gatekeepers and woke folks normally put the bar for naming something violence. You can say you feel “unsafe” just because a fellow liberal writer at your liberal blog signed a letter in support of freedom of speech, but don’t you DARE imply that threatening motorists at gunpoint in the name of Antifa and Black Lives Matter is violence or you’ll be cancelled faster than the white House subscription to Newsweek.

Look at this video from the “Indy10 Black Lives Matter march in Indianapolis on Thursday, Aug. 6, 2020, demanding justice for Dreasjon Reed and McHale Rose, two Black men fatally shot by Indianapolis police officers,” according to the Indy Star.

Indianapolis radio host Tony Katz writes:

In Indianapolis, Black Lives Matter protesters pointed guns at a motorist in an attempt to stop cars from driving on the streets during a demonstration. Indianapolis leaders, including Democrat Mayor Joe Hogsett and the Indianapolis City-County Council have remained silent.

Other parts of the video show protesters blocking traffic and throwing water on cars. You can see the guns being pointed at the blue pick-up truck at the :35 second mark

This is happening all over the country and it happens weekly or even daily and they are only getting more organized. This isn’t protest, it’s an insurgency that will almost certainly graduation to full fledged domestic terror in a short time.

Here’s Katz responding to an idiot on Twitter if you wanna join in.

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