WATCH: Insufferable Playboy reporter INTERRUPTS AND YELLS at Sarah Sanders in White House press briefing

An insufferable Playboy reporter who has been hailed as a ‘hero’ in the past by the left decided it was time again to get some TV fame and yell at White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, this time on the border policies:

What a prick! As if the White House press secretary, who by the way speaks on behalf of the White House – not herself, can do anything about the laws that force the separation of families at the border for those who cross over illegally.

Sanders was right when she said to this schmuck reporter that he was just trying to get more TV time. What a joke. If he really wanted to make his case, he would have waited his turn. But instead he took the Jim Acosta route and I hope she never calls on him again.

As to the other reporter who was asking about why the administration is pursuing illegals on a criminal basis, it’s because they are violating our laws when they come here illegally. It’s just that simple. We do want to deter it from continuing so we prosecute them criminally to let people in the future know they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law when they break it by crossing the border illegally.

The Trump administration is clearly not the Obama administration, who was extremely lax on immigration. That’s part of the reason why the problem has become so bad, because Obama didn’t give a damn about illegals unless they were criminals. He wanted them here and let many of them stay.

So if any of these reporters, especially the insufferable ones, wants to blame someone, blame Obama. He made this mess a lot worse and Trump is simply trying to clean it up.

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