WATCH: Iranian Christian confronts Virginia school board over pronouns and it’s EPIC

An Iranian Christian confronted the Loudoun County public school board over the forced use of pronouns on students and it was epic.


This fed-up Iranian father tells the school board that they might think they are woke, but he’s going to wake them up more.

He proceeds to explain that he and his family are a minority of minorities in this country, noting that he’s Chaldean and his wife Armenian. He said his ancestors have survived slaughters in the past and he’s very unhappy about the school officials teaching ideology to his children.

Growing up in Iran, he says that teachers there wouldn’t allow school children to be indoctrinated even though the ayatollahs and the government wanted it. He said they did their job teaching curriculum and refused to shove propaganda down the throats of children.

But here, he says, we have ‘social justice warrior so-called teachers’ trying to shove their ‘garbage ideology’ down student’s throats.

He specifically calls them out for the use of pronouns, and says if they want keep going with that, he’ll demand that they address his children as ‘king’ and ‘queen’ and that they should address him as ‘master’. He asked “you want that pronoun to be in your mouth when you look at me?”

It was brilliant! Watch the video for more…

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