WATCH: Israel blows Hamas leader’s office building to SMITHEREENS!

It appears that things are escalating between Israel and Hamas after Israel’s justified retaliation on Hamas just a short time ago.

Hamas has now increased their rocket fire on Israel, putting the Iron Dome system in operation to defend the innocent people in Israel:

Here’s the latest:

There’s now video of Israel destroying the office of a Hamas leader named Haniyeh.

From far away…

And up close…

There are reports of a possible ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, but that is coming from a channel belonging to Hamas, according to Stein. Israel is denying it, so it’s probably not true.

I’ll update you when I have more…

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46 thoughts on “WATCH: Israel blows Hamas leader’s office building to SMITHEREENS!

  1. :bam: DAYUM! That’ll leave marks. It’s really going to suck when the Hamas get to Hamasville only to discover they’re getting seventy-two old, worn out, gay trannys.

  2. Unlike the bigots of the democrat party without mentioning Ilhan Omar, I stand with Israel. Defend Liberty Bibi.

    1. Hamas: “We shoot de rockets anywhere.”

      Bibi: “Lock-n-load. Set your laser target designators to hit Hamas leader, Haiyeh’s office chair. FIRE!”

  3. Hi–can Haniyeh come out and play?
    Sorry Billy Bob, he just got his office…and hisself all blowed uP

    1. @pybop Bibi: “Be prepared to meat your 72 virgins. By the way they look like a combination of Maxine Waters and Kathy Griffin, turned inside out.” Hasta la vista baby! :bam:

  4. Israel exercising her undeniable God given right to protect and defend herself, which I wholeheartedly support.

  5. I hope the Hamas cockroach was in the building at the time. Nice shooting IDF, well done. And I do mean well done :fire:

    1. @RWrad Judging by the number of cameras pointed in that direction, they were given fair warning. Unlike Hamas, Israel goes out of their way not to hurt innocents.

  6. Would be nice one day to see that picture titled “The former Ninth Circuit Federal Court”.

  7. There’s now video of Israel destroying the office of a Hamas leader named Haniyeh.

    Did they also get the office of the one named Ilhan?

  8. Love that! Unfortunately, now we will have non-stop coverage from leftist media blaming Israel! 😐

  9. Office of Hamas leader Haniyeh’s office totally wiped out by IDF airstrikes. Standing ovation! :clapping:

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