WATCH: James O’Keefe catches CNN attorney referring to Tucker’s show as the “White Supremacy Hour”

James O’Keefe catches CNN’s VP of Global Programming General Counsel referring to Tucker Carlson’s show as the “white supremacy hour”:

These people are so filled with hate that they can’t even see objectively any longer. There is nothing racist at all about Tucker’s show. But because Trump likes it, they call it the ‘white supremacy hour’.

CNN used to be mildly tolerable, but they’ve gone so far off the clip of fake news and anti-Trumpism, they aren’t even watchable by normal people anymore. They are worse than MSNBC and that’s saying something.

As I’m about to finish this post, I see that CNN has tweeted out a correction on O’Keefe’s story here, noting that Marcus Mabry wasn’t the one who made the comments, but rather CNN General Counsel David Vigilante:

I’m sure O’Keefe will correct the record, but it really doesn’t change much.

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