WATCH: James O’Keefe exposes the “Faces Of Voter Fraud” in new series!

James O’Keefe is out with his first video in a series of videos this morning called the “Faces Of Voter Fraud”.

Against the backdrop of Democrats saying that voter fraud is rare and that it’s definitely not a threat, O’Keefe seeks to put that falsity to rest by exposing the actual faces of voter fraud.

In his first video this morning, O’Keefe shows us a man who votes both in Florida and New York’s federal elections every two years. In fact the man readily admits it and it’s all captured on O’Keefe’s hidden cameras.


Peter M. Gornicki, a Republican voter (some of the time) in the center of this new video, is registered to vote both in Florida and New York. That was verified by O’Keefe’s people in the video.

Because Gornicki owns property in both locations and subsequently pays property taxes, he says it’s his right to vote in both New York and Florida. “No taxation without representation, right?”, he quipped.

Of course, it’s a federal crime to vote twice in a federal election. I suspect Gornicki is going to regret admitting all of this on camera pretty soon.

O’Keefe says he hopes people respond saying this is an isolated incident, because he assures us that it’s not and he’s got the proof.

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49 thoughts on “WATCH: James O’Keefe exposes the “Faces Of Voter Fraud” in new series!

  1. A sweeping overhaul of the election process needs to take place in this country. Voter ID and verification of residence and citizenship verification laws must be made mandatory.

  2. Sadly this is happening on both sides. as seen in the video. Voter fraud is a serious matter and needs to be stopped yet you don’t want the federal government to control local voting. This is a slippery slope and needs to handled carefully and forcefully with strong punishment to those who dare vote twice or try to fraud the voter process.
    Another issue is, who makes the electronic voting machines! Remember it’s not who votes but who counts the votes. Are the electronic voting machines changing your vote?

  3. And may I add more anecdotal evidence, tied to the latest Dem ploy: Ballot Harvesting. We all know how this was used to flip Orange County, CA Congressional seats in 2018 from always Red to Blue (including my district).

    Well, last week there was another election, this time a special election to fill an open seat on the County’s Board Of Supervisors. There was only one Dem running, the very well known Loretta Sanchez who was a former US Congresswoman for 20 years (her sister, Linda, still holds a seat), and who gave up her seat to unsuccessfully run for the Senate against Kamala Harris in 2016.

    Opposing Sanchez were 6 Republicans, one of whom was the Mayor of Irvine, Don Wagner. The rest were relative unknowns, but enough to split the vote.

    Wagner beat Sanchez 42% – 37%, “dashing the hopes of continuing the Blue Wave” as some papers put it. I think the Dems just didn’t have the time, resources, or will to invest in the Ballot Harvesting on this one, and the results showed it.

    Sorry for the long post, but this voter fraud is so important, and every piece has to be known.

  4. Not sure why he said it’s the smoking gun of voter fraud because we already knew this happens. The question is how much. Not sure how he has proof of it happening a lot, so I’ll withhold comment until he shows what he has.

    1. @kong1967 — I know this happens a lot and all over, but it never occurred to me that snowbirds were voting twice.

      1. My neighbors are snowbirds. They move east during the summer and come back during the winter. I should ask them if they vote twice.

      2. @Nancy Spread your tiny wings and fly away… now I’m going to be humming that song all afternoon!

    2. @kong As I’ve said, my parents are still loyal Democrat voters in Chicago, may they rest in peace.

  5. Democrats absolutely do not want voter ID, not because it “disinfranchises the poor” as they adamantly claim, it is because they can have multiple votes, illegals voting, etc. Remember ACORN? They didn’t go away, they just changed names. Not stating anything new here I know.

  6. Not that many years ago, you could understand how people could get away with this stuff because records were kept by hand and on paper.

    But what is the excuse now, with everyone on a database and everyone having access to one? Come on, this shouldn’t be that hard!

  7. What he’s doing here is called “doxxing” this old guy, and I for one do not agree with it. I don’t see why we have to see his face and know his name, making it almost impossible for authorities not to charge him with a crime.

      1. But he shouldn’t be doxxed. If the feds had wanted to do their job, they could have just as easily found the matching names on the New York and Florida voter roles.

      1. He’s a private person, not some part of a big, evil, institutionalized effort at undermining the country, like Planned Parenthood.

        Seems like doxxing to me. His identity wasn’t important to the story in the video.

        1. @TomNewman64 Yeah, innocent until proven guilty. But I can’t say that I feel sorry for him.

  8. Every shady voting proposal whether an inaction or action is a Democrat shouting point. No voter ID, motor voter, illegal immigrant voting, ballot harvesting, accusing Republicans of voter suppression in Black areas. And the worst of all is early voting. The Marxists never stop and if we don’t stop them, we will be in a 3rd world s***hole.

    1. @muckjumper You would think, with all those Watergate-inspired “intellectually curious” journalists, that O’Keefe wouldn’t be alone, out standing in an empty field.

  9. Cemetery voters are legend in Philadelphia. Does anyone remember in 2012 Romney didn’t get 1 vote in the City of Brotherly Love? Not one person, not even one, voted for Romney in 2012. I could smell the fraud all the way across the river as it traveled on its way to the Atlantic Ocean.

  10. The biggest evidence to me for voter fraud by Democrats is their rabid support for illogical arguments like requiring a photo ID is discriminatory. Really?!!

  11. Here’s the proof that voter fraud is rampant and benefits Democrats:

    Democrats deny that voter fraud is rampant and benefits them.

    Case closed.

  12. My county has between 500 and 1500 fraudulent votes every cycle. Mail in ballots that come from nursing homes. It is almost impossible to stop them.

    100% Democrat votes.

  13. If I follow this guys logic, if I pay taxes in every state, I get to vote in all election across the country local and federal? What a joke, their is a reason why you have a primary residence picked.

          1. SheerPolitics, then why do corporations need to file a corporate tax return and pay taxes on their profit?

            And how do you copy the avatar and name?

            1. @sistermary Corporations file tax returns, but they are, of course, going to roll the cost of doing businesses into their prices, including taxes, salaries, etc. Otherwise they’d go out of business. So, in the end, the consumer actually pays their tax.

              To copy the avatar name, you type a @ and start typing the name. It pops up and you can select it. Useful here because it’s not easy to always tell who’s someone is replying to.

    1. I own property in Florida, and live in Michigan (Upper Peninsula). It would never occur to me to register in both places. Never been tempted. Those that do should be ashamed.

  14. And the democrats want 16 year olds voting. They can’t even tell time on an analog clock, and we’re going to allow them to vote? That’s sheer idiotic lunacy.

  15. O’Keefe probably released the lesser problem video first – just one guy who is sometimes Republican. Can’t wait to see what comes next.

    1. @squirrelly I liked that too, it diffuses the Dems sputtering argument dismissing this as “partisan” or a “fake hit job.”

  16. I always thought our voting system is a joke. There is more stringent verifications at your local church Bingo then there is in voting, but then the Democrats like it this way because most election fraud occurs on the Democrat side.

  17. Lock up this fraud voter.

    As long as America tolerates lawlessness, criminals will become emboldened and the crimes will increase. Voter fraud is one of my major pet peeves (especially when democrats let illegal aliens vote in our elections). Kudos (again) to James O’Keefe!!!

  18. Oh I don’t need to know additional proof. As loud as Democrats screech about voter ID and the like I know they are hiding a big pile of illegal voting to include illegal aliens.

  19. This is not an isolated incident… btw, illegal aliens or resident aliens who vote in our elections, see Texas, cancel out US citizen votes.

    Why do you think there’s this big push in liberal cities like San Fransicko to allow non-citizens to vote in “local” elections? Or the push to provide driver’s licenses to illegals and are “mistakenly” registered to vote?

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