WATCH: James O’Keefe interviews border patrol WHISTLEBLOWER and he’s got A LOT to say…

James O’Keefe has released an interview he did with a border patrol whistleblower who has a lot to say about what he’s been seeing at the border.


Here’s more from Project Veritas:

Project Veritas released a new video today featuring an interview with a Customs and Border Patrol [CBP] agent who corroborates leaked government documents showing a massive spike in border patrol encounters with illegals who are sex offenders at the U.S.-Mexican border in 2021.

The CBP Insider was referring to materials leaked from their parent agency, The Department of Homeland Security [DHS].

These documents spell out, in no uncertain terms, the exponential rise in “encounters with criminal aliens with sex-related offenses during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

This spike represents a five-year high – a fact that the Insider confirmed during a remote interview with Project Veritas founder and CEO James O’Keefe.

Part of the leaked DHS document reads: There were “214 [sex offender] encounters from October 2020 through February 2021 – these five months already represent the highest total of recorded encounters compared to the previous five fiscal years.”

“An encounter is an arrest,” the Insider stated. “It’s extremely inaccurate and possibly underreported because sometimes we don’t know about their [illegal immigrant] criminal history or if they’ve been caught.”

The Insider went on to describe a brutal scene near the border where some men were raped for refusing to act as human drug mules.

“One time a couple years back, there was some men that had been raped and tied to the fence, because they wouldn’t carry drugs,” they said. “There’s a lot of sexual assaults going on.”

The source closed by sharing his worst fears – if the crisis at the border remains unchecked.

“Finding dead children. I don’t… Dead children in the middle of the desert is something I don’t want to deal with.”

One of comments I found most interesting from this border patrol agent was how that he said things were much better under Trump. He said “From the time Trump took over it was a complete overhaul. Everybody got punished. Everybody got deterred. Everybody got a file. …The traffic slowed down…all the people in our custody were treated far more humane under the Trump administration than under any previous administration.”

He goes on to explain what he means so be sure and watch the full video for more.

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