WATCH: James O’Keefe releases BLOCKBUSTER video exposing how Pinterest blocks Live Action, conservative websites, Christian searches and much more…

James O’Keefe has released a blockbuster video this morning detailing how the social media website Pinterest is heavily blocking websites that they disagree with including Live Action. They are also blocking search terms related to the Bible and Christianity as well as commentaries by Ben Shapiro on Islam and Muslims.

This information comes from an insider who sat down with O’Keefe to expose all of this.

O’Keefe spends a good portion of the video discussing how Pinterest has blocked Live Action by putting it on a porn block list. By doing this it prevents a ‘pin’ from being created with Live Action’s website domain.

O’Keefe also points out that there are other conservative websites in the blocked porn list like Zero Hedge, PJ Media, and American Thinker. Here’s a screenshot I took from the video showing some of those domains:

There’s no telling how many other conservative domains are blocked. We could be on the list ourselves…

O’Keefe then exposes how Pinterest is blocking searches about Christianity and the Bible using a sensitive keyword list. They also use this keyword list to block any searches for Ben Shapiro and his commentary on Islam and Muslims.

On top of all of this, they have a ‘conspiracy list’ which blocks content they consider to be conspiracies against companies or individuals. On that list is the David Daleiden’s exposing of Planned Parenthood for selling baby body parts.

I’ve never used Pinterest myself but I must tell you that with this level of grotesque bias against conservatives and Christianity, there’s no way I’m going to start. And if I had an account I would delete it immediately.

UPDATE: Project Veritas says Pinterest has responded:

Pinterest REACTS. is no longer on their “Porn Domain Blacklist”
Pinterest REACTS AGAIN. LiveAction’s Pinterest Account has been permanently suspended.

They remove Live Action from the block list but then suspend it permanently? Sounds to me like they are doubling down.

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