WATCH: Jim Acosta tries to bully Trump at press conference but Trump OWNS HIM!

CNN’s Jim Acosta really showed his ass today in Trump’s press conference in a way I haven’t seen before, refusing to be respectful when Trump was trying to move on to another questioner.

He was going after Trump, so Trump went after him – and it was an awesome spectacle.


Notice, the first thing Acosta says is that he wants to challenge Trump instead of just asking the question. Normally that’s fine, but this is Acosta. But then Acosta proceeds to give his own opinion and even argue with Trump over the migrant ‘invasion’.

Then when Trump answers his question and attempts to move on, Acosta refuses. Trump had to get rough with him because Acosta was, quite frankly, being a primadonna asshole.

Honestly, I’m surprised Trump didn’t eject Acosta from the press gathering. Because I thought that’s where it was going, especially when he refused to give his microphone to the mic girl.

Here’s a clip of just that moment:

As one person on Twitter said…

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