WATCH: Jim Jordan OBLITERATES both Michael Cohen’s and the committee’s credibility during Cohen hearing

I’ve got two videos for you from Jim Jordan this morning and they are both on fire 🔥.

The first video is his grilling of Michael Cohen, where he destroys Cohen’s credibility by going through some of the things Cohen has done, including reading a very threatening and intimidating letter by Cohen.

Must watch:

The second video is Jordan’s opening statement where he exposed how Lanny Davis orchestrated this whole committee hearing. He also harshly rebuked the Democratic committee chairman for his first committee witness being a convicted liar.

Another must watch:

I’ll have more on the highlights from the committee after lunch!

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70 thoughts on “WATCH: Jim Jordan OBLITERATES both Michael Cohen’s and the committee’s credibility during Cohen hearing

  1. Jim Jordan may be the best member of the House of Representatives in DC. He knows the truth and continues to fight so the truth can be heard. How unfortunate it is that his biggest adversaries are the MSM and his fellow democratic members of the House.
    Yet, even with all of the adversity he faces he keeps telling the truth!
    Bravo! Mr Jordan

  2. Truth to power! Nice job Mr. Jordan. I think the educating of the American people on socialism needs to be as thorough as this take down of the demonRats at their “hearing”. For instance, people focusing on the economic insanity of the “Green New Deal” are only telling part of the story. It is about government control and the march to Communism! Tell the WHOLE story. Don’t focus on some abstract economic theory that the mind can’t comprehend. A person can understand the concept of working hard, getting paid, and then being forced to share 50% of their earnings with their next door neighbor who did NO WORK. Or, having some government bureaucrat tell you what you need to grow up to be (read what profession you can be in). For a good movie a few years ago on THAT topic, check out “The Giver”. Conservatives need to get the message out smarter because the deck is stacked against us. Just my humble opinion rant for the day!

  3. So any time he absolves Trump, we shouldn’t believe him?

    That’s the problem — we’re as divided as we are in part because no one says something as mild as, “We should always want some corroboration with this man’s testimony.” No, people are either evil as Satan or as pure as the Heavenly Angels. Common sense has no place.

  4. And to think i was going to miss Try Gowdy. Fickle as I am, I now have a new love.

    Though a double team -Gowdy-Meadows would be all Next Gen needs to hear to make them wonder, why do they still want to be Democrats.

  5. Mark Meadows filed a criminal complaint against Cohen for his lying about not registering as a foreign agent. Meadows filed that complaint as Cohen testifies.

    I heard a radio host this morning bring up that Lanny Davis will likely get further charges against Cohen by insisting that he testify today, knowing that Cohen would tell more lies. And he has.

    1. Ummm, so who is Cohen’s lawyer? …and WHY would he or she ever let their client speak on ANY level, let alone to CONGRESS!! Cohen is a whore, so the DNC must be paying him a fortune under the table for this performance.

  6. What???!!!!

    Following Following @paulsperry_
    BREAKING: Cohen testified that he went over “topics” that Democrats would raise at today’s hearing with lead anti-Trump attack dog, Adam Schiff (D-CA), chairman of the House intelligence committee. So the substance of his testimony was coordinated with the Democratic leadership

    10:37 AM – 27 Feb 2019

        1. He was never the smartest lawyer. And he basically said that, as Trump’s lawyer, he allowed and advised Trump to do things he claims were criminal. In other words, any questionable acts by Trump were based on bad advice from his lawyer.

  7. Jim Jordan’s questions were good and he tells the truth. The truth can be hard for the Democrats who are accustomed to lying and whose agenda is based on lies. It’s like holding a cross in front of a vampire.

  8. I did watch Jim Jordon call down hellfire on all the demoncraps. It was a BEATutiful thing. I’m sure Cohen really enjoyed rehashing all his sins that he is going to jail for. I hope Cohen gets a movie deal from Michael Moore, as his movies make a buck – not.

  9. Scoop, thanks for answering my questions about the new site. You must be overwhelmed trying to produce the site, create the content, correct the glitches, and respond to the inquiries.

    1. WHAM –BAM—KAPOW-it was a potent and apropos salvo across the bow to the perpetrators of this misuse of power that we the people have entrusted them.

  10. I’ll suggest this, even though the democrats are freaking corrupt and evil (imo), they’d just have to acknowledge (secretly at least) that Jim Jordan was absolutely right about their motives during his opening statement. He truly nailed them on their hypocritical BS.

    1. Sentinel, I don’t think democrats are capable of truth, privately or otherwise.

      But they are really, really good at distraction, deceit, defamation, and distortion in any venue.

  11. I applaud Congressman Jordan exposing this CHARADE. It’s very strange that Hillary Clinton is involved in every single thing related to bringing down Trump… from the Russia charade to Lanny Davis representing Cohen. And the woman is not in a jail cell thanks to James Comey!!

    Btw, the salivating coming from the NT crew, like Rick Wilson, is another example of TDS. It’s sad when you have to count on the testimony of a liar to feel good about hating Trump.

  12. video 2…best 4 minutes and 26 seconds of my day. Jim Jordan, thank you for telling it like it is. To all the other “republicans” out there, this is how you do it! Speak the TRUTH.

  13. FYI, Marge replied to me in a comment on the other thread and her using my name when replying to me is fantastic. So from now on when I make replies I will use your name first so it will make it easier to know who replied to whom.
    Thanks Marge for the idea, you’re a jewel 💡

    1. @proud-nana Nana, did you know Scoop gave us another tool to identify who we’re replying to? If you use the @ symbol then start typing the username (you will see fill in choices to click on to make it easier) and that name will show up like yours did in this post (I put it in the beginning). Try it!

            1. @proud-nana Yeah I tried it a couple of different ways on my name but it doesn’t work. But I haven’t had a problem with anyone else’s name so far. Lucky me! 💡

  14. Jordan’s right but the left want their kangaroos court trial in absentia of Trump so they’ll be pulling these stunts and rebranding liars as saints until after the next election.

  15. WooHoo! Who knew a little old lady named Ms. Foxx (I don’t know where she represents) just nailed Cohen as he came back from the break.

    She got him on the record as admitting he would not commit to seeking any book or movie deal, TV panel, that would profit on his crimes. Nor would he commit for not running for office.

    Slam bang!!!

  16. In order to placate Steyer and his billions I think the Dems made a mistake with this. Jordan is right, this will define Cummings chairmanship.

    And it’s for nothing. The Left and #NeverTrump will believe anything against him and the right and Independents like me will not believe a word from Cohan’s lying lips.

  17. I don’t like most politicians and make no secret of it. But that second video of Jim Jordan was hopeful in that there is at least one man in the House Of Representatives with courage to throw their crap back in the Democrat’s faces.

    He named names and made his disgust plain. Sadly not many from his party will join him. They should be standing and cheering but most will hide under their desk lest they be asked to take a stand.

  18. Jordan’s opening remarks were outstanding! His back and forth with Cohen was good too, but he gave Cohen a couple of openings I would have preferred he didn’t.

    1. @paladin , the whole thing is a sham, I don’t know how good people like Jordon can stand even being there.

  19. I have to say I’ve just been watching this hearing live for about 30 minutes, and I’m finding it stomach churning. I have to turn it off. Cohen is making himself out to be the reformed rascal who is now a pillar of integrity who has finally seen the Leftie (anti-Trump) light.

    He is single handedly dividing the country worse than ever. What slime. And the GOP won’t be able to lay a glove on him.

    To make the point:

    He just now went on a long uninterrupted rant, painting himself as a martyr, and commanding the room. When he was finished, and finished with the Dem time, he immediately said “Excuse me, can we take a break?” So the Republican next up lost the momentum to come back at him, and he was able to own the moment. Really slick. And very well prepared. Great job, Lanny Davis.

          1. @proud-nana You know, I generally like to watch the Today Show in the morning when it’s all about non-political stuff (2nd hour), you know, cultural things, uplifting human interest stories, fashion, shopping, health, cooking, music. But when they go political it’s like nails on a chalkboard.

  20. Jim Jordan, STELLAR! Was impressed w/ a couple of the others as well, doing a fine job of pointing out just what a lying sleeze Cohen is. (For those who don’t see it on their own).

  21. I’m sure Rep. Omar will be out in front of cameras decrying the testimony of a known liar to congress any moment now…yup, any moment… just wait… I’m sure she’s on her way…

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