WATCH: Jim Jordan REMINDS Democrats of a FACT about sauce for the goose

Seems Democrats need a little reminder that they won’t always be in power. You’d think Virginia would have shaken that memory loose. Or four years of a Republican president that just ended*, but no, it seems they need another reminder. (Either that or they’re so sure fraud and intimidation will keep them employed they aren’t thinking clearly.)

So Jim Jordan delivered a warning, subtly, on Twitter and then later on Newsmax. Because if they want to eviscerate privilege, then it stays eviscerated for everyone. And that’s not good for ANYONE.

He explained in greater detail on Newsmax.

“It’s not good if you’re going to eviscerate privilege,” he said. “I mean if you’re going to say to the chief of staff to the United States your conversations with the president are not privileged and we’re going to ask you about them, that’s frightening.”

“That’s not healthy for the country, and frankly I think our enemies will see that.”

He’s right. Of course. Sauce for the gander, too.

You absolutely have to be able to operate government and be a member of your party and not face PERSECUTION disguised as prosecution when the other party takes over. That’s not a peaceful transfer of power, that’s third world, strong-arm politics.


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