WATCH: Joe Biden agrees to defund the police, says he supports taking away their responsibilities…

Joe Biden, who has claimed that he couldn’t support defending the police, was doing an interview today with a man who appeared to be handicapped, and the man specifically asked Biden if he could agree with taking funds from the police and redirecting them to other government agencies. Biden responded “Yes, absolutely!”:

Here’s the longer video which shows the argument the interviewer is making:

The interviewer argues that we should be not only taking money from police and sending it to other agencies, like social work and mental health, but that we should also be stripping law enforcement of some of their obligations.

He uses this as his example, saying “For example, instead of sending two police officers with deadly weapons to that Wendy’s drive-thru in Atlanta, we could have sent a wellness counselor and a tow truck and then Rayshard Brooks would still be alive today and his three daughters would still have their daddy.”

He asks Biden if he’s open that kind of reform and Biden responds “Yes, I’ve proposed that kind of reform.”

Can you imagine how sideways this could have gone if they’d sent a “wellness counselor and a tow truck”? It’s easy to look back and say you’d do it differently with a “wellness counselor and a tow truck”, but what if that drunk sleepy man holding up a drive-thru had a gun? What if he got hostile when they decided to get him out of the vehicle and tow his car away? He certainly got hostile when the officers tried to arrest him, so it’s not beyond reason. The point is that you can’t predict what will happen just from looking it it in retrospect.

Also this line of thinking puts the blame back on the police, which is absolutely detestable. The officers did nothing wrong. It was Rayshard Brooks who attacked the officers. It was Rayshard Brooks who stole a taser. It was Rayshard Brooks who fired it at the cops, who had to shoot him in self-defense to protect themselves and their weapons.

But this is what Joe Biden supports, and it’s grotesque. And if he doesn’t support it, then he’s not even man enough to say it:

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