WATCH: Joe Biden gets led around by campaign staffer like he’s BLIND

Biden’s campaign is really controlling him bigly, and there’s a video that came out this morning showing Biden being led around like he’s blind…

It should be embarrassing to Democrats that their candidate has to be controlled so tightly in order to keep him from damaging his chances of winning in November.

But I guess that’s how it goes when you have a candidate who can’t remember where he’s at:

Normally I would just chalk this up to common confusion for someone on the campaign trail, but Biden isn’t on the campaign trail. He isn’t doing much traveling because of COVID, so there must be another reason…

UPDATE: I just read that the ‘blind’ video is actually from February of this year during the primary. For some reason it went viral this morning. But the point still stands, it’s just not as recent as I thought it was.

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