WATCH: Joe Biden has another senior moment, but this one might get him into trouble…

Joe Biden had another senior moment tonight at an Asian and Latino gathering where he said something very odd, and this one might get him into a little hot water:

Biden actually compared poor kids with ‘white kids’. Yikes.

The money quote is where he said “poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.” Realizing what he had done, it appears, he fumbles and then quickly tried to recover by saying ‘wealthy kids’, ‘Black kids’, ‘Asian kids’. LOL!

Poor Joe. This is two in one day and the second one is clearly more problematic than the first. For a crowd of frothing Democrats who are looking to take him down, he might want to consider his words a bit more carefully….if he can.

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15 thoughts on “WATCH: Joe Biden has another senior moment, but this one might get him into trouble…

  1. Yep, normally a Freudian slip like that would garner condemnation but this is the new way of life…Reps/Conservatives get thrashed and the Dems walk away from such stuff, Scot free. Biden is an old time Democrat…back in the day he was a bigot and voted accordingly. I guess that makes him a racist now. But noooo, he’ll get away with it. The MSM won’t report it. Everything will be fine. @@

  2. Yikes! When I opened this thread from the TRS main page, a new pop-up window opened stating that I had to upgrade my flash player. Scoop, you gotta look at that. That’s a vector for getting some sort of mal/garbage-ware.

  3. In the future, please submit all questions to Joe in writing in advance of his appearances so his team of advisors can work on answers for him. Meanwhile he’ll just stand around and show his teeth.

  4. Did you know: Joe Biden’s brother, James Biden was given a $1.5 Billion dollar government contract to build homes in Iraq during the Obama Administration. How many billion dollar deals were given to the Biden family while he was VP and why is this getting no coverage?

  5. Senor moment, brain fart , I try to remember but the process never starts — Dang I accidently brushed my teeth with Preparation H and now my gums are shrinking. Senor moment brain fart………….

  6. “poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.” Sleepy Joe Biden – (C) Grifter, Scam Artist/Huckster, Charlatan

    It is unclear exactly what point Sleepy Joe was attempting to actually make here but anyone who’s ever read a biography of Sir Isaac Newton knows intelligence is not necessarily linked with economic circumstances.

  7. So why isn’t Mr. Biden’s comment considered white supremacy? Only non-whites are poor, really? His comment about then Sen. Obama being clean and articulate initially got my attention because, in the 90’s, I got a new mid-level manager that made the very same comment to me in a private meeting, an observation for which he seemed quite baffled. I interpreted his comment to me as him being shocked that any black man could speak intelligently, using proper English, a departure from his stereotypical view of blacks. I walked out of our meeting knowing my job was in jeopardy, I committed to documenting everything that occured. For several months, the man employed some devious moves to justify my termination, but, in the end, he was fired instead. Apparently, he had problems with Asians as well.

    This incident is just one in a long line of Biden’s racist comments, the true nature of the man slipping out.

    1. That’s how the democrats see people of any color..I’m pretty sure they hate all the minorities in their party but need them to remain in power, and by in their party, I mean in Congress and the DNC..They are the true racists..Nothing has changed with their core beliefs since before the civil war..Its sickening.They truly believe they are the superior race..
      They also believe white Conservatives are the same as themselves..Every time they call Trump a racist they believe 100% they’re right,because they think that way and so must he..No way he doesn’t to them…It goes the same with voter fraud and lies..They do it all, so think our side does it too..They’ll swear on it.

  8. Hillary and Biden should run together could you imagine the gaffs ? Between the falling down and the poor memories,plus all the illegal activities they were up to together it would be one of the funniest campaigns in a long time for destroying the liberals..Get Biden drunk and he’ll start yammering on and on about the crap she got up to while SOC…

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