WATCH: Joe Rogan releases EPIC short video called “Freedom”

Joe Rogan has just released a short video called “Freedom”. It explains how great this country is because of freedom and how we cannot allow politicians to force businesses to require proof of vaccinations.

Fair warning, he uses the f-word three times:

Below is a Twitter version if that doesn’t work for you:

What he describes is exactly what is going on in New York City right now. They are kicking people out of restaurants and denying people entry because they are unvaccinated. It is absolutely un-American and I’m glad to see Rogan oppose this so vehemently.

Although it is ironic, because Rogan went all-in for Bernie during the 2020 Democratic primary. Bernie is an avowed socialist who’s praised communism and wants to take people’s freedoms away, just like so many others on the Democratic side of the aisle. I don’t listen to his radio show so I don’t know if he’s woken up from his socialist slumber or not, but he’s definitely right in the above video.

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