WAT(CH): John Bolton literally tries to claim Trump movement does not EXIST

Dude what are you even talking about right now?

John Bolton is such a weird mix-up of being right about some things and absolutely preposterously oblivious about others. Much more the second thing than the first these last few years. Okay nearly exclusively.

But this one takes the cake because it’s so … insane.

In a total abdication of reality, Bolton appeared on MSNBC this morning (but I repeat myself) and said that there is “no Trumpism” and the idea that there’s a “Trump movement out there” is just “wrong.”

Bro do you even RSBN? Have you seen the insane rallies? Do you see the conservatives come to him for their blessing? Do you have any semblance of a CLUE??

I just don’t even know. I mean … WHAT DUDE? WHAT???

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