WATCH: Jon Stewart loses his temper at Jack Posobiec over Vet bill, but then they make up on camera… [FULL VIDEOS]

There’s been a back and forth between Ted Cruz and Jon Stewart over the weekend about a Veterans bill that is stalled in the Senate.

Ted Cruz responded to Jon Stewart making a big deal about Republicans not voting for the bill, explaining that Democrats are playing budgetary games with the bill and spending $400 billion in pork, along side of the $679.4 that actually goes to veterans:

Stewart responded by claiming Ted Cruz is wrong, that it’s always been mandatory:

Stewart isn’t entirely wrong. But neither is Ted Cruz.

According to John Thune, Republicans did vote for the bill the first time and it went to the House. But because of a Democrat mistake in the bill, it couldn’t pass the House. So the House redid the bill and passed it and now it’s in the Senate and up for a vote.

Thune continues saying “what Pat Toomey is attempting to do is to do something that should have been done the first time this passed in the Senate, and that is to fix the way this bill is funded in a way that makes the bill no only stronger, but hopefully much more fiscally responsible.”

So in essence, the problem was there the first time and Republicans are attempting to fix it this go round.

Which brings me to the point of this post. Jack Posobiec, a veteran, confronted Jon Stewart today about the bill and it turned into a shouting match from Stewart:

That’s the very short version. If you want to watch a much longer version of the exchange, here you go:

Jon Stewart clearly lost his head, but he did admit that he was wrong to do that because he thought he was being trolled. He and Posobiec made up in another video:

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