WATCH: Joy Behar wants Trump brought up on HATE SPEECH charges

Joy Behar, on The View, actually suggested that Trump should be brought up on charges of ‘hate speech’ for comments he made at his rally last night:

I believe they are referring to Trump’s comments about Ilhan Omar last night, where he described to the crowd the litany of un-American and anti-Semitic things she said and the crowd responded by chanting “send her back”, which has sent the MSM into overdrive this morning. Trump also went after AOC and the other members of The Squad in a similar fashion, explaining what they’ve said to the crowd that most people find objectionable.

And yet for this, Behar wants Trump arrested and charged with ‘hate speech’? How fascistic of her. I mean seriously, if this is the bar now, then all the Democratic candidates should be arrested and charged with hate speech when they describe things Trump has said at their rallies. And Pelosi should be arrested for accusing Trump of trying to “Make America White Again” in interviews and speeches.

Behar is a liberal buffoon. If politically attacking someone over something they said is the new bar for hate speech, then someone better build more prisons because there’s going to be a lot of Democrats in prison.

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