WATCH: Joy Behar wants Trump brought up on HATE SPEECH charges

Joy Behar, on The View, actually suggested that Trump should be brought up on charges of ‘hate speech’ for comments he made at his rally last night:

I believe they are referring to Trump’s comments about Ilhan Omar last night, where he described to the crowd the litany of un-American and anti-Semitic things she said and the crowd responded by chanting “send her back”, which has sent the MSM into overdrive this morning. Trump also went after AOC and the other members of The Squad in a similar fashion, explaining what they’ve said to the crowd that most people find objectionable.

And yet for this, Behar wants Trump arrested and charged with ‘hate speech’? How fascistic of her. I mean seriously, if this is the bar now, then all the Democratic candidates should be arrested and charged with hate speech when they describe things Trump has said at their rallies. And Pelosi should be arrested for accusing Trump of trying to “Make America White Again” in interviews and speeches.

Behar is a liberal buffoon. If politically attacking someone over something they said is the new bar for hate speech, then someone better build more prisons because there’s going to be a lot of Democrats in prison.

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72 thoughts on “WATCH: Joy Behar wants Trump brought up on HATE SPEECH charges

  1. These harpies are so dense that they’re unlistenable! (I know that’s not a word but it describes how I feel!)

  2. Yup, Behar should send Antifa to round up the half of America that doesn’t agree with her politically for ‘hate speech’…

  3. In “my” View, Joyless Behar is a foolish old hag who pollutes the airwaves and is an offense to honesty and decency every time she opens her yap.

    Never watched that stupid show and never will. I respect the courage of those in the right that do so that they can bring us reports from behind enemy lines.

  4. How is hate speech repeating someone’s words? It may be on their part which in the case of Omar it is but it’s not hate speech for Trump to repeat it.

  5. Oh, this is rich. Joy Behar is poster child for hate speech with a national audience to spew to.

  6. Here’s some hate speech for the View. ” I hate Joy Behar. And the unicorn she rode in on.”

  7. There is no hate speech, but there is a 1A right. Joy needs to move to wherever it is that people can’t speak their minds. I’m sure some place in Europe or Asia would be a happier place for this moron.

  8. because she hates him … and calling for this is all about her hate for him … quals a hate speech doesn’t it?

  9. And yet for this, Behar wants Trump arrested and charged with ‘hate speech’?

    Because of that inconvenient thing called “The First Amendment”?

  10. Joy Behar is another example of anti-Trump idiocy… along with the Nicaraguan #Pendeja, Ana Navarro.

  11. Where do we start joy,with those including yourself who have directed hate speech at the President ever since he announced he would be seeking the Republican Nomination for President.Why don’t you leave the view and join the SQUAD.

  12. I just don’t care what those hateful women on the View have to say. All they do is hate on anyone that’s conservative.

  13. This Trump hating gal would love to see Trump impeached for spitting on the sidewalk. They should have her picture in the dictionary under Trump Derangement Syndrome.

  14. How about we bring YOU up on date speech charges? You are a waste of oxygen and do nothing good for the nation! When are you moving?

      1. Oooppps! I meant hate speech but you made me giggle! I wouldn’t let her date my worst enemy!

  15. Whoopie Cushion made the claim that Trump is bringing violence to those women. That’s a bunch of BS. Are they suggesting that Trump cannot challenge their positions and point out things they are saying(?), because he’s definitely not calling for violence.

    Behar is a retarded biatch.

  16. I would like to see Joy(less) Behar brought up on charges of being an idiot on a truly dumb television show. I can’t believe the people actually watch that miserable show(?). To each his own, I suppose.

  17. Memba the old school yard chant

    I’m Rubber your glue
    What you say to Me Bounces back to You

  18. I’m not a qualified medical doctor however I have stayed at a Holiday Inn numerous times and my diagnosis is “Terminal Stupidity.” Someone please ask here what a live electrical outlet tastes like, I’m sure she knows.

  19. I would like The View Cancelled, because it poisons the minds of the 10-15 people who actually watch it with inaccurate information. In addition, I would like to know how your free speech can get you prosecuted unless it incites a riot or puts people in harms way? (ie yelling fire in a crowded building when there is no fire.) The pure fascist ideology of these people that want to silence people that disagree with them should cause us all to publicly shame individuals like this.

  20. What they call Hate Speech we call common sense. What is hate speech if not free speech. So the truth is these dingbats (Maude is the worst) want to curb free speech. They want to get rid of the 1st A, and they’ll get the help (are getting help) from Big Tech like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  21. I wonder why this is a news story anywhere. She is not relevant. The View is not relevant or any gossip/celebrity/talk show. If these people are so worried about global warming, they should stop spewing hot air.

    1. Sadly, my 85 year old mother watches it even though she says she doesn’t and has total TDS. She thinks CNN is fair and balanced! She is one of those who live in the “Matrix.”

  22. Hate speech isn’t a federal crime, silly wench.

    As I keep saying, the truth is hate speech to those that hate the truth.

  23. DANG IT!! I listened to them. I always tell myself, “Don’t listen to them!” This time, I listened… now I’m that much dumber and have strained my eyes from rolling them into the back of my head so hard.

    1. That’s why I never listen. I’m afraid some day I’ll roll my eyes so far back that they’ll stick.

  24. Whole first amendment thing, No Joy. I even have the freedom to quote Ugly kid Joe.

    And I, get sick when I’m around,
    I, can’t stand to be around
    I, hate everything about you!
    Everything about you,

  25. Thankfully, the 1st Amendment guarantees Americans that they will never be charged with “hate speech.” Joyless Heffer must be thinking about socialist Europe when she wants someone charged for “hate speech.”

    1. I would say instead that the first amendment guarantees Americans can never LEGALLY be charged with “hate speech.” The second amendment guarantees that the people can do something about it if leftists gain enough power to charge people with hate speech illegally. It would only take one election at this point. Far too many voters, especially younger ones, would agree that people should be prosecuted for saying things the little fascists don’t like.

      1. Sorry Doc, that old cow ain’t been a “heifer” in a very long time. Back when I was on the farm we called the old cows that were no longer useful for giving milk “canner cows.”

  26. This is what they do in England. Liberals badly want to bring that here. God help us if that happens

  27. This hagatha belongs in Gitmo with her hatefilled mouth. Good to know she thinks people should be jailed for speech. How about she takes on the jihad janes on her own team.

    1. When my elderly mom had it on TV, I’d say to her: “Mom, let me find you an old movie to watch” 🙂

  28. This hag and her team call Trump supporters the most vile names. They need to clean their own damn dirty houses before even daring to put the hate speech label on others. This ugly hag and her rhetoric are responsible for attacks on Trump supporters, journalists covering antifag violence, attacks on ICE detention centers, and so on and so on.

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