WATCH Karl Rove’s COMBATIVE interview on Fox News as he explains his FRESH FACE remarks

Karl Rove was on Fox News a few minutes ago with Charles Payne in what was a fairly combative interview. Rove was trying to explain that he believes a contested convention between Trump and Cruz will end in a stalemate at which point a ‘fresh face’ might solve the problem:

Rove got defensive when Payne put some of the blame for the last two Republican presidential losses on his shoulders. Rove claimed he wasn’t in charge and was only a yes man, and wouldn’t take responsibility for the losses.

Rove later accused Payne of being ‘enthusiastic’ for Trump when Payne was trying to get Rove to admit that Trump has brought major energy to the election. Rove suggested that’s partially true, but that other candidates can make that same claim.

At the end Rove was arguing that Trump delegates won’t go for Cruz and Cruz delegates won’t go for Trump because of how divisive the election has gotten, suggesting that a stalemate may occur and at that point a fresh face would be good to bring in.

Personally I don’t believe that. I think if a contested convention occurs, it may take several votes for someone to win, but at the end of the day it will be either Trump or Cruz because the delegates know that’s the best end game scenario.

And with some delegates already admitting they would be willing to abandon Trump, I think there’s a good chance Cruz could walk away with the nomination in a contested convention.

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