WATCH: Kayleigh drops a TRUTH BOMB on the media during her press conference

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany dropped a truth bomb on the media at the end of her press conference. Actually, two truth bombs. Watch below:

Here’s what Kayleigh said, which is a good summary and reminder for us all on just how hypocritical Democrats and the media really are as they push Trump to kiss Biden’s fake president-elect ring:

Since we’ve talked a lot about transfer of power and the election, it’s worth remembering that this president was never given an orderly transition of power; his presidency was never accepted.

In fact before his election, we know Crossfire Hurricane was launched by Peter Strzok to pursue a baseless allegation about the president’s ties with Russia. That’s before he was president, trying to subvert the will of the American people.

We know in August Peter Strzok wrote a text message about an insurance policy against a Trump presidency, once again trying to silence the voice of the American people in 2016.

In October we know there was a FISA warrant, a FISA WARRANT!, taken out to spy on the Trump campaign. Then the American people spoke, and they spoke commandingly in electing President Trump despite all of the odds.

And what happened after he was elected?

You had 70 lawmakers say they were not coming to his inauguration – Democratic lawmakers.

You had Elizabeth Warren saying we’re going to attempt to obstruct the Trump transition by urging the Government Accountability Office to investigate the incoming Trump transition.

In January of that year you President Obama have a ‘by the book’ meeting where they talked about the Logan Act, using that ACT to go after Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

Just before the inauguration you had Buzzfeed promoting and publishing this bogus Steele dossier that’s been widely debunked.

And then for two years you had the baseless Mueller investigation which searched for collusion, found none, and exonerated President Trump.

While in 2016 President Trump became the duly elected president, many sought to undermine him, discredit him, delegitimize him and deny his victory. There were no calls for unity. There were no calls for healing. So while every legal vote is counted, let us not forget the inexcusable transition, or lack thereof, that President Trump had to endure in 2016 and four years into his presidency.

That was fantastic and well stated. But there’s another truth bomb at the very end of the video. Did you catch it? It was when the press started screaming questions at Kayleigh after she finished, and she returned to the mic and said “I don’t call on activists!”

Boom! Talk about a drop the mic moment.

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