WATCH: Kayleigh McEnany crushes smug reporter on Obamagate

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany crushed a reporter today who smugly asked about Trump saying that there was an obvious crime with regards to Obamagate, trying to put McEnany on the spot explain exactly what Trump was talking about:

Clearly this reporter wasn’t interested in the truth of Obamagate. Rather he was just trying to corner McEnany, expecting her to either not answer the question or say something is a crime that isn’t. But she explained exactly what the crime was (leaking of Flynn’s name to the press) and then went on to slam the Obama administration officials for lying about other stuff. Like McCabe lying about leaking and Clapper lying about the NSA listening in on phone calls.

She then, on top of that, went through a litany of Democrats fabricating crimes against Trump. Like when Clapper claimed that Watergate paled in comparison to Trump’s collusion with Russia. When failed presidential candidate Eric Swalwell lied claiming that Trump was working on behalf of the Russians. When Hakeem Jeffries lied and said Trump was a Russian asset. When both Shifty Schiff and Mark Warner lied claiming there was ample direct evidence of collusion when there was none.

She finished off her answer with this great line: “For 3 years you all talked about collusion and there was none. And it was a huge injustice, not just to this administration but to the American people who deserve truth, not the alleging of absolutely false allegations against this president.”

McEnany also dropped this bomb on a reporter asking about the Obama administration warning about ventilators:

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