WATCH: Kellyanne Conway BUSTS the media for only covering the economy when the word of the day is RECESSION

Kellyanne Conway was asked this morning who Trump is citing when he says that most economists say the economy is not headed for a recession, and she responded by ripping the media for only focusing on Trump’s economy when there’s talk of a recession:

I was impressed with how Conway handled this question about Trump’s economists, because the question itself was kind of ridiculous. The premise of the question was that most economists believe a recession is coming and that Trump must be lying when he says most economists aren’t predicting a recession.

Just last Friday, an analyst on MSNBC said that the signs just aren’t there indicating that a recession is coming and that the media shouldn’t be rooting for a recession:

“Not to put cold water on this … The signs of recession are not exactly overwhelming,” he said. “There was the inverted yield curve that everybody was talking about yesterday … Germany is down. China is down. Those things are not good, but the U.S economy is relatively buoyant, so I just don’t think we should be rooting for a recession, because that’s not good for America.”

“I also don’t think it’s really in the cards,” he added. “I’m not an economist, but there aren’t that many signs out there that a recession is on the horizon.”

The inverted yield curve has been a reliable predictor in the past for a recession. However it would need to last for months and months, according to CNBC:

There have been five inversions of the 2-year and 10-year yields since 1978 and all were precursors to a recession, but there is a significant lag, according to data from Credit Suisse. A recession occurred, on average, 22 months after the inversion, Credit Suisse shows.

22 months! Yet we have an inverted yield curve for one day last week and people are already freaking out as if the next great depression is about to hit?

It just shows you how disingenuous most in the media are when it comes to truth and reality. If this were Obama’s economy, I guarantee you the media would have played off that inverted yield curve as no biggie. But with Trump they want a recession because they hope it will damage his chances of winning next year.

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35 thoughts on “WATCH: Kellyanne Conway BUSTS the media for only covering the economy when the word of the day is RECESSION

  1. The media is trying to manufacture a recession narrative, just like the racism narrative they have already manufactured. It’s really amazing watching all these stories pop up out of nowhere suggesting we’re just on the verge of recession.

    Because the media no longer just covers the news. They’ve taken a side.

    More than that, they’ve descended to trying to manufacture news that will help their chosen side.

    Which, of course, makes them propaganda, not news.

  2. accusations of womanizing didn’t work, bad manners and being unpresidential didn’t work, racism is not working, white supremacy doesn’t seem to be working…let’s see…what else can be tried? Let’s try to tank the economy to see what happens.

  3. Democrats would be thrilled to see the economy take a dive…no matter how it affects people. Their base is not really that involved with the economy anyway.

  4. We’re due a recession. The Federal Reserve doesn’t like Donald Trump, so they will deliver one.

    All they have to do is tighten up on monetary policy, raise the interest rate, and the whole house of cards comes crashing.

  5. They’re trying to talk down the economy hoping people will believe it and cause it to happen by slowing down purchases–especially come Christmas. I also remember how the media kept trying to tell us how we weren’t in a recession during the Obama years. Then it became the “new normal.”

  6. so I just don’t think we should be rooting for a recession, because that’s not good for America.”

    Kind of like we shouldn’t have been rooting that our president was a russian spy – but hey folks got on that train too.

    That said, I’m a little concerned about the dollar value. I do not trust Trade War Donald to correctly manage that whatsoever.

  7. BAM!!! The DOW is still trending up this morning. As a reminder, it was at a little over 18,000 on election day 2016. It was also a little over 19,000 on inauguration day 2017. So, to be at 26,145 as I type…WINNING.

    PS…liberals please don’t mess with my retirement funds. It took almost a decade to restore what we lost, personally, in 2008.

    1. I liken it to climate change…the earth goes thru various periods of heating/cooling.. our markets had a bad week..pfft. It’s already looking better and it’s only Monday!

  8. I have never seen people rooting for the economy to tank… that’s what the anti-Trump crews are wishing for. All because of hate… From David French, Bil Kristol… to Bill Maher, Nancy Pelosi. Sad!

  9. democrats- hoping with all their might that the economy tanks and America fails as a result- Yeah folks, let’s vote democrat- ciminy! Pretty sick when their hatred for trump is so great they wish that the economy fails

    1. It’s not only Dems, Bob… we have some on the Right who are hoping for the economy to fail because that is the only way Trump loses in 2020.

  10. With the current clown car delegates they DNC doesn’t have that much to talk about. The only have the hopes, delusions or chance misstep by Trump to have any chance at all of regaining power.
    America’s failure is the only way they can get back into the power and the White House, what happens to the country doesn’t matter to them as long as they are in power

  11. They’ve been talking the economy down for a week. It’s just the latest “collusion” plot. Leftist are desperate.

  12. I’d bet you could ask a million Democrats what an inverted yield curve is, and get 200,000 different answers, plus 800,000 “I don’t knows.”

    And that’s after you explain it to them.

  13. No surprise here but then my hubby has been saying for months they’re going to try to tank the economy before the election to stop Trump.

    1. I agree. I can’t tell the difference anymore between being a cynic or being realistic. Or both.

  14. I heard a financial advisor on the radio this morning explaining that recession fears are hogwash and why.

  15. I’m sure the resident Never-Trumpers here (and you know who you are) would dearly love for there to be a recession — and soon. As I’ve said many times before, there’s little if any difference between the far-left and Never-Trumpers. Both groups are consumed with ignorance and hate, and could care less what happens to our country as long as Trump is gone.

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