WATCH: Kellyanne Conway UNLOADS on Wolf Blitzer for asking her to respond to husband’s comments…

Wolf Blitzer got an earful this morning on CNN after he played the comments of Kellyanne Conway and then turned around and asked her to respond to them:

Here’s the important part of what she said to Blitzer:

I think Kellyanne has this exactly right, that Blitzer and others at CNN thought this would be a great way to stick it to her. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised to hear a recording of Zucker calling down and telling Wolf to do this to Kellyanne.

And Blitzer’s little justification at the end about James Carville and Mary Matalin was pathetic. Everyone knows that there’s a public tension between Kellyanne and her disrespectful, angry husband, who apparently loves to see her have to answer for his hateful remarks about Trump. It’s not the same at all.

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