WATCH: Kristi Noem on how the GOP has failed the nation

Kristi Noem was on Newsmax last night discussing, among other things, how the GOP failed the nation under Trump:

This isn’t a bash GOP video by any stretch and she’s certainly not bashing Trump. But Noem argues out that the GOP itself has a ‘self-evaluation’ that it needs to go through:

We said we’d reform health care, repeal Obamacare, we have not done that. We said we’d deal with immigration, we have not done that.

There’s a lot of different promises we’ve made to the American people that we just haven’t had the fortitude to pursue and actually get into place and impact their lives.

So the Republican Party has a self-evaluation they need to go through. And we really need to focus on making sure that we’re doing what we say. I’ve always watched every single president and I’ve watched their actions, what they’ve put into place with policies. And we as Republicans need to make sure that we follow through on everything that we say we stand for as well.

She’s absolutely right and we’ve said as much over the years as we watched Republicans refuse to repeal Obamacare. We had the Senate, the House and the presidency, yet Obamacare still lives because enough Republicans lied to us about repealing it.

Then we lost the House and now we’ve lost the Senate. It’s no wonder people talk about creating a new party because the Republican Party has lost so much of it’s conservatism and refuses to do what it says it will do.

Noem does go on to praise Trump’s accomplishments, however, and especially against so much Democrat opposition at every turn. Watch the full video to see what she has to say about Trump.

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