WATCH: Kyrie Irving STUFFS hack reporter trying to make bones on Alex Jones clip

I thought about filling in the background here on what the video was that Kyrie Irving shared on Instagram. But then I realized I don’t care what it was. He can share what he wants. The completely woke sports media cannot wait for the next political thing they can stir up to elevate themselves at the expense of pro-athletes. Zero doubt jealousy is a huge part of why.

So whatever video or film or whatever that Irving put on his personal social media account, he’s welcome to do. And reporters who play that “oh you can put it out but we can’t ask about it?” game aren’t fooling anyone. Especially not the HACK in this clip talking about ‘promoting” and “platforms.”

This is what to do with the useless enemy of the people HACKS that make up the MSM. Shut them down. They are nothing. They are nobodies. This guy asking the questions doesn’t even have a name as far as most people know.

I literally won’t even look up what Irving shared. I don’t care. Most people don’t. But journalism exists in America on the sole premise of “Gotcha!”

Just quit letting them get away with it.

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