WATCH: Lebron James comes out AGAINST Daryl Morey for supporting freedom in Hong Kong

Lebron James made China so happy tonight coming out against Daryl Morey, saying that Morey “wasn’t educated on the situation at hand” when he tweeted supporting freedom in Hong Kong:

Lebron starts out by saying “yes we all do have freedom of speech, but at times there are ramifications.” Tell that to the protesters in Hong Kong who are fighting for their freedom against a totalitarian communist government.

Seriously, what is freedom and democracy worth to Lebron? I get that he cares about his teammates and managers in the NBA so I’m not attributing malice to him. But he just sounds like an idiot toeing the Chinese line on this.

Contrast it with how Lebron defended the NFL kneelers in 2017:

“It’s powerful what all these athletes are doing,” James said. “It’s not about the disrespect of our flag and the military that’s made this world free.”

He added, “It’s about equality.”

James, who plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers, commented on the support that NFL players got not only from teammates but from team owners as well, some of whom took the field Sunday in solidarity. He said what Trump said over the weekend “frustrated me.”

“He used the sports platform to divide us. Sports is so amazing, what sports can do for everyone — no matter shape, size, race — brings people together like no other. I’m not going to let one individual — no matter the power, the impact he or she should have — ever use sport as a platform to divide us,” James said. “The people run this country, not one person. And damn sure not him.”

While James hasn’t considered taking a knee when the NBA’s regular season starts up again in a couple of weeks, he said he will continue to speak out and educate the people of Ohio.

“I’m doing OK for myself. My family is doing OK,” he said. “Even if we weren’t doing OK financially, I’d still be trying to find a way to inspire the youth … Personally, my voice is more important than my knee.”

But James didn’t detract from the protests, which then–49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick started during last year’s preseason. James said he wishes he could hire Kaepernick, who is now a free agent.

“I salute Colin for being as powerful as he was,” James said. “I wish I owned an NFL team right now. I’d sign him today.”

So kneeling during the National Anthem is powerful, but one tweet by Morey supporting freedom in Hong Kong is bad?

UPDATE: More from Lebron…

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