WATCH: Left-wing Breakfast Club recognizes the genius of DeSantis’ Twitter launch, hammers Dems for clowning about glitches

This is amazing. The Democrat-supporting left-wing Breakfast Club actually recognized the genius of Gov DeSantis’ Twitter launch of his campaign and gave the best analysis on why it was actually successful.

Watch below:

They hit back at Democrats for continually highlighting the glitches, pointing out that after the glitches were fixed Governor DeSantis was able to effectively give his positions for over an hour and educate his base. What they want to see is Democrats do the same thing as DeSantis instead of clowning about the glitches. They want to see Democrats respond with their policies and positions in a format like that:

“Tell me what ya’ll doing. Ron just told us what he’s doing for an hour. Tell me what ya’ll doing instead of talking about this glitch.”

They also add this: When you compare DeSantis to Trump…DeSantis actually knows how to govern. He was able to present receipts. And when I say ‘know how to govern’, I’m not saying I agree with his policies. I’m saying he knows how to work around the system, he knows how to get things done even if I completely disagree. And he layed out all of those receipts. So when you compare him to Trump, it is night and day as far as substance is concerned.”

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