WATCH LIVE: Hillary Clinton testifies on Benghazi terrorist attack before both the Senate and the House

Hillary Clinton will testify before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee at 9:00 AM and then she will testify before the House Foreign Affairs Committee at 2:00 PM. You can watch both of them below:


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116 thoughts on “WATCH LIVE: Hillary Clinton testifies on Benghazi terrorist attack before both the Senate and the House

  1. Did she just say that she is heading up a program that if terrorist put up a video on social media saying how bad the US is then we will put up a video showing how bad the terrorist are? Anyone in sales, marketing, life, will tell you answering a negative with a negative never works. Good thing most politicians are not in private industry where they could do some real harm.

  2. Did she just say what I thought she said I’m listening while doing other things..Did she say before Quadaffi was killed security was better???

  3. Hey, Hillary, do you know what the statute of limitation is for murder and treason? Life, there is no waiting it out. You can be prosecuted now or under the next administration or the administration after that. Start packing. I expect your ugly ass in prison withhin 7 years. Mark my words, witch.

  4. Bottom line, Barky declared war in Libya around Congress, any cables from Libya should have been a top priority. This Admin was running guns through Turkey so they wanted security to stand down so as to not allow the disclosure like in Fast and Furious, needed to reduce the possible whistleblowers.

  5. Did anyone ask Madam secretary why the Security forces that did not want to leave in August were not replaced? Guess b.o. and the madam are not interested in their most important functions–security. b.o. and madam are more interested in the parties.

  6. Let’s all sit around and blow smoke up Hillary’s ass.

    Come on, what is this crap?

    Are the families watching this love fest?

    What an insult to the families.They want answers. Not this circus.

    1. I had to turn it off. My sense of anything good in the world was being assaulted with every compliment and every lie. 🙁 Listening to this while working on number 7 made me want to throw up.

  7. I can’t take the blatant lies, the disgusting sucking up and pathetic circus coming from this house. What a freaking disgrace. God bless the families of the dead who have to witness this crap!

    1. But there are plenty of ‘useful idiots’ around that don’t have the intelligence to recognize that.

    2. These are the people who rule us and it’s obvious they have NO concern for America. After watching this den of corrupt thieves, no wonder they want more gun control.

  8. BOOM! I loved what Rep Ros-Lohtinen did for Jon Hammar but she knocked it out of the park today! Showing the NYSlime lied w/o response from State Dept, Hitlary was NEVER interviewed so how can the report be thorough?

  9. She keeps claiming she takes responsibility and then tries to blame everyone else. Is this a democrat thing?

  10. Much Ado for Nothing….Dog and Pony Show!
    Hil said what she feels “What difference does it make?”
    Ask the families of the four dead Americans if it makes a difference to them!
    Chilling days ahead folks!

  11. White House Insider on this dog and pony show.

    EVERY F’ING QUESTION WAS AGREED TO BEFOREHAND. Hillary had notes for every question….And this was all agreed to at least two weeks ago. Probably longer. Lying sick f’ks every last one of them. Republicans. Democrats. All the same now.

    If people still care enough in this country about what is happening it’s going to be up to all of them to set things right again. Don’t count on Republicans. Start local and work out from there. That takes real work. Hard work and that’s what they are counting on. Most people are way too lazy and uninformed to handle that.

  12. “What difference does it make at this point” Hillary says…….Well, Hillary the fact that all of America and especially those in the military now know that they can expect to be left for dead, I think makes a big difference for you and the lazy people in DC that collect a check with a raise every year… God knows the truth and eventually all will come back at you.

  13. When that cow said she looked the victim’s families in their eyes, I finished her sentence in my mind ” I LOOKED IN THEIR EYES AND LIED TO THEIR FACES.” I don’t think I’ve been this angry in years.

    1. I would not believe Hilary if she told me the sky was blue. Her husband lied to the grand jury about Monica and wagged his finger at them.!! The whole family is laced with pathological liars. I thought banging her head might change things…….NOT !!

  14. This hearing was totally sickening.
    Except for Rand Paul nobody actually asked attack questions.

    John McCain was far too gentle, and got stuck in describing how well-informed he was about Libya.
    His way of questions reminded me powerfully of a former Minister under Mrs Thatcher, of whom it was said that being asked by him was like being ravaged by a dead sheep …

      1. It’s survivable only when you use the chat room scoop puts up – and, for me, having twitter on another window.
        Fun to be had that way!

        1. Agreed. Its like a well rehearse show that we are paying for in taxes that have gone up over 50% since Obama took office and yet all of our wages have gone down. So this is not a comedy unfortunately

  15. “What difference does it make , how it started?” I believe that question right there explains alot..How can a SOS not care…??? How can someone who asks this question , protect anyone???

  16. I am proud of my Senator Rand Paul today. If not for the endorsement of Sarah Palin, he would be working in his Opthamology office today. Either Trey Grayson, a McConnell toadie, or Jack Conway, a Democrat, would be occupying that Senate seat.

  17. I am still waiting for an answer to the question, as to why Ambassador Chris Stevens’ urgent request for military help, was REFUSED. Senator McCain asked the tough questions no one else did. John McCain said he visited Libya during the Libyan election, and Chris Stevens told him of the dangers of lack of security in Benghazi. Chris Stevens told the State Dept. about his concerns. That was well before any video was made and shown,about insulting the prohet, and there is no excuse for not having been prepared to have total security well before Chris Stevens even arrived in Benghazi.
    What’s the use? Hillary is not going to tarnish her reputation when she will probably be a candidate for President. Her future is more important that Chris Stevens and 3 marines, and a fourth in critical condition. She is hoping Banghazi will be forgotten in four years—and she’s probably right.
    For the like of me I don’t understand why she and others think the United States can be policemen to all those dysfunctional countries in the world. Just protecting Israel should be enough, in treasure spent. We need our military in the United States, to make sure they know how to defend THIS country. Remember 911? U.S. jets were flyong over the Atlantic ocean, not near New York, and were scrambled so quickly, the planes were unarmed. The Democrats are too incompetent to defend this country, never mind solving the economic problems. They’re very good at advancing abortion rights. and homosexual agendas, and anything that is bad for the people. End of story,

  18. McCain was good but he bundled too many questions. However he did nail her to the wall and that was fabulous to watch.

  19. As usual

    They use diversion to hide the real problem

    The problem is the lying – cover up – incompetence and more lying

    She was coached in arrogance by Zero

    Nixon resigned over a recording

    WAIT! – WHAT? – Just a recording you say?

    The GOP is negligent

  20. she actually said when referencing the susan rice talking points….”what difference does it make now?” tHE DIFFERENCE? SERIOUSlY? FOUR PEOPlE ARE DEAD, A NAtION WAS MISlED, AN ElECtION WAS HElD AND WE ARE HElPINg FUND SOME OF tHE VERY PEOPlE tHAt WOUlD lIKE US DEAD!!!!

  21. Lots of time wasted stroking and praising Hillary. Lots of time. And lots of “lessons learned” says Hillary. Not much on what happened.

  22. Sorry. I tried it on Fox…can’t handle the slobbering Democrats asking questions.
    Will wait to hear Bret and Dr. Krauthammer sum it up.
    My stomach turns over looking and listening to Barabar Boxer and Ben Cardin….someone else watch and describe for me.

  23. I am more concerned TODAY with knowing WHO gave the repeated orders to stand down, resulting in General Ham being relieved of duty because he had no intention of ‘standing down’… what did Obama know, when did he know it, and WHAT DID HE DO about it? And WHY was no effort made to rescue these men who fought for 7 hours putting lasers on enemy positions and fully expecting help to come because THAT IS WHAT AMERICA DOES??? And WHY was our ambassador at a remote outpost with inadequate security despite his frequent requests and expressed concerns.

    Hillary can say it is time to catch the criminals who did this… but the criminals are THEY!!!

    1. In addition, where are the others and what are the names of those who escaped the compound? If the congress later today doesn’t ask those questions, it really is time for a new poltical party!

    2. Ham was told to stand down because he will not fire on Americans, a new requirement for Generals and Admirals.

      1. No, Ham was relieved of duty within seconds of making it clear that he would not comply with the order to stand down and he was going to do everything he could to rescue those men in Benghazi.

        The requirement to fire on Americans apparently began under Clinton, but from those I know with top level security clearances in the military… most of our military will honor their oath to the Constitution – not this president. But that is why Obama has been systematically removing top military brass and promoting those he believes to be loyal.

  24. Scoop, I appreciate you putting this on but, honestly, I can’t watch because I know Hillary is going to obsfucate, dodge, cover, defend and avoid the truth. I’ll probably listen to some excerpts because an entire session with her is a little too much to bear.

    Just me but at this point I am having difficulty believing what either party says. There are very few who tell the truth and for their voices I am grateful.

    Maybe this afternoon I will feel differently. I would be interested in Rush’s take if you can get it posted.

  25. In another useless for-appearances-only Congressional ‘hearing’

    “House committee hears testimony on sexual misconduct at Lackland Air Force Base.” (Breaking News)

    It is difficult to imagine exactly what might constitute sexual misconduct in the Obama era military.

  26. AP “Clinton Denies ‘Delay’ in Response Night of Terror Attack in Benghazi”.

    She’s a Clinton, they could have quit with “Clinton Denies”, as in, “I did not have sex with that woman”. And as with the other Clinton, she will get away with it.

  27. Look for her to use code and coined words and phrases, aka PTPs (Progressive Talking Points) and PCPs (Progressive Catch Phrases).

    Look for nothing to come of all this – It’s just Political Theater (like Kubuki Theater in Japan).

  28. Someone needs to inform the State Dept that islam and democracy are not compatible. Hillary for sure isn’t getting it.

  29. Does anyone remember the other time Hillary tesitied and said she couldn’t remember anything! Was that with Monica, the travel office or filegate? I remember Rush had a parody made of it called Try to Remember.

    1. excellent reminders! and to add one other fact,
      Mrs Clinton was caught lieing about her plane landing under enemy fire in Tuzla Bosnia. All videos by the press corp had no sounds of gun fire or enemy placements near the airport. A couple of passengers on the flight said they knew nothing about any gun fire or any other type attack Mrs Clinton was claiming to have happened.

  30. this broad speaking now, boxer, will nominate the witch for the dem candidate in 2016 in about four minutes.

  31. this broad is brutalizing us with bs. she won’t be called on it by the presss nor the republicans

  32. Lying right out of the Box. She stood in the Rose Garden and talked about terrorists?? No, lady, you talked about a Video.

  33. She looks way too confident. Either the fix is in to protect her or she’s one heck of an actor.

    Edit: …or, dare I hope, she’s going to spill the beans on O in order to help secure her future nomination.

    1. I agree. Months of preparation and some obviously leaked questions from the likes of Barbara Boxer have made this the first stop in the Hillary ’16 campaign.

      Hillary is way too confident.

      1. Pride goeth before a fall. It won’t be pretty when the Obama, Bill and Hillary, Holder, Pelosi, Biden and Reid’s chickens come home to roost…

      2. I hope she does get nominated for ’16. IF, by that time the GOP has grown a pair, she will be a sitting duck.

        no offense ABiC

    2. She’s one hell of an actor. She learned at the feet of the master. Hillery was relegated to the feet while other women it seems learned a little higher up in the anatomy.

  34. Over four months, Lord knows how many ” wag the dog’ stories. 20 arrests of people attempting to delve into the validity of the faux concussion of the Hillary. No I personally do not believe this witch ever had a slight bump on her already pulverized skull.
    Now that this time warp has created sufficient “STORY CREATION” the subject in question shall no doubt play the ” DUH I DUNNO BOSS” as the Looney tunes cartoons suggests. These people are so used to living in fantasy world that moments of actual reality give the real physical pain! I defy anyone out there when viewing this fiasco, to analyze the stoic look on her face is anything other than extremely practiced. Hence LYING COMMUNIST!!

  35. If Clinton starts playing games, like we know she will, she should be hauled straight to prison. I’m tired of messing with these people.

    1. Your tax money went to pay for tickets to these theatrical performances in front of a live audience:)

      1. Let’s not forget the millions spent on Hillary’s favorite Algerian tv stations to apologize for the video

  36. Meanwhile in Obamaland: “Lady Gaga leads SECOND night of partying at private White House soiree…”

    Little Nero fiddles while his cronies rape and pillage America.

  37. I hope they ask about a more recent hostage taking in Algeria while the Secretary of State is there.

  38. I have to be honest, I cant look at anyone from the current administration longer than 10secs or hear their voices for the same amount of time.

    My mind just goes numb seeing them and their grins and lies on tv

    1. ya I got another connection between Hollywood and dem, all the acting.

      I got very pissed how she control changed her voice to sound like she was getting emotional when talking about the 4 people that died and talk to their families.

      Shes a cold heart Bit** and as long as she can become President she will walk over anyone.

      1. I was a little disappointed.I wanted her to wipe away some non-existent tears like Barry did after the Newtown massacre.

  39. No – I don’t look at or listen to progressives or pretend conservatives like McCain, Boehner and Romney.

    Illusion leads to delusion. It is a subtle toxin that disorients and destroys.

    To watch effete McCain pretend to question her or Boehner pretend to negotiate with Obama is the worst form of torment.

  40. Proper preparation would dictate that Hillary apply an appropriate amount of Preparation H to her nose…you knows, to prevent swelling.

    1. And practice the flipping of pages in the trial binder, insert sufficient “um” and “ah” to delay, practice the tell of looking away, create condescending position when an R is asking questions. Typical lawyer tactics

  41. And we’re supposed to believe that this supposed inquisition is going to unveil anything? Hillary’s pal McCain is going to get aggressive with his questions?

    It turn out like Fast and Furious

    1. Hillary….swear to tell the truth… an oxymoron.
      I fell and hit my head, causing me amnesia. Hearings adjourned; thank you for your testamony madam secty.

    2. Hillary, being a pathological liar, maybe the most deceiving female in history. The only truth in her testimony is there will be no truth. This will be interesting to see how far she goes.

    3. ROFL. I can’t take this.

      Congressman: A general and several of your staffers stated under oath to the Senate that they sat in and saw a live video feed of the attack. At any time did you or did the President ever see a live feed…

      H. Clinton: They’re lying. They are mistaken, there was no live video.

      Rep. Meeks: Did you see Obama help out the people during Sandy? What a man! You’re great Hillary, just great, can I kiss the soles of your shoes? Please can I?

    4. The pandering and fawning by the democrat representatives is absolutely NAUSEATING! Some of them spent their entire time and never asked a question or ask something that was friendly and fluffy.

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