Did you miss it? WATCH in FULL Ted Cruz at Heritage on Defunding Obamacare: A Matter of Principle

Sen. Ted Cruz spoke this morning about defunding Obamacare and also took questions from the audience. You can watch it in full below:

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30 thoughts on “Did you miss it? WATCH in FULL Ted Cruz at Heritage on Defunding Obamacare: A Matter of Principle

  1. Thanks for posting the only guy I’ll vote for in 2016 – my little rock star conservative!  Being attacked by most of republican talk radio like medved!

  2. I will post this speech by Ronald Reagan and his call the the people to call/write their representatives!  It worked before and it will work again!!!   Inundate them and we CAN defeat this debacle!  Go to the website Mr. Cruz said and write, call, write again, and call again!!!  This MUST be defeated!  Let’s take our country back…starting with this step!!!

  3. Everyone who has viewed this video needs to share with at least 10 other people and ask them to do the same. We must build UP this movement. Senator Cruz lays it ALL out very clear and concisely.

  4. LOVE IT!!!! Ted is the man, and I’m torn about him running for POTUS, or staying as a strong voice in the Senate where we need people with a backbone to help prop up, and if necessary, fight the old guard who are either unable or unwilling to do the heavy lifting to turn this country around!
    And for all the birthers, I’ll say this… I’d rather have a candidate like Ted who reveres the constitution, liberty, and free markets, as opposed to a Statist who seeks to circumvent, or a RINO who’s too scared to defend them.

  5. Government programs, once launched, never disappear. Actually, a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we’ll ever see on this earthRonald Reagan

  6. Cruz is singing my song. Once an entitlement gets started and they start giving out government cheese (i.e., subsidies) to pay for healthcare, it will never be repealed because those getting the subsidies won’t want it to go away. We can’t afford to wait. Also compared this to the battle over gun control that was stopped by the grassroots contacting their congressmen and senators. Also points out that the government shutdown in 1990s forced Clinton to move to the right. It was NOT as disastrous for the republicans as the media likes to paint.

  7. I heard yesterday from a man of God that he heard about the RFID Chip, As A Test program, those who live in Hanna Wyoming and are on Govt assist. and some Govt employees all are to be implanted with the RFID Chip. Its part of Obamasnare.   Congressman Paxston’s office has been contacted but he has noy replied to our queries.  Its not about being on Assitence for those who are somehow in the system. Its about  The United States Constitution, The Bill Of Rights and The Declaration Of Independence.
    First its those on assitence programs, then military, the you and I.
    please Americans check it out and pass this on.

  8. Congressman Jim Whiteside (R- OK) is also quite impressive.  He has a viral Youtube hit.

  9. WOW! A Republican who was born with a pair, unlike cross-dressers like McConnell and Boehner.

    1. notsofastthere I’d rather call him a Conservative than a Republican.  Republicans are no different than Democrats anymore.

  10. What is hilarious is Corker and those like him are baffled by the popularity of Cruz, Bennett, Paul.

    If they had a collective brain cell at all in the Republican Party they would cop a clue and see why.

  11. It won’t play for me plus I may be late – any chance a recording of this will be posted?  please?  
    Also thanks for the donation link nhLevinitized – sent.

  12. Ted Cruz is the true Lion of the Senate.  
    I appreciate and admire him more and more every time he speaks.

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