WATCH LIVE: Romney Holds Manufacturing Roundtable in Ohio with Mike Rowe

Looks like Romney is embracing Mike Rowe’s plea from the other week:

TV host Mike Rowe joins GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney for a manufacturing roundtable with business leaders in Bedford Heights, Ohio.


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23 thoughts on “WATCH LIVE: Romney Holds Manufacturing Roundtable in Ohio with Mike Rowe

  1. One of the reasons Obama is derelict in his duties as president is he has no perception of what a job is because he has never had one or created an opportunity for a job. It is insanity that the leader of the strongest economy in the world is so completely incompetent in every way when it comes to elementary business. Being a pathological liar will only take you so far.

  2. Fantastic. I’m soooo glad that Gov Romney met up with Mike Rowe.
    Mike Rowe is real, and I love Dirty Jobs.

    1. I agree. It was a mere coincidence that I was off work today (thanks to Obama, but that’s another subject). The Romney campaign is pretty good about uploading their speeches here:
      But it would be nice to have them here so we could discuss them. Hint, Hint Scoop!

  3. Masterful! Knock em’ down. I especially liked seeing him trying to get two companies connected right there on the spot. That is the leader America needs. Always two steps ahead of the curve. Keep it up Mitt!

  4. This is the kind of endorsement Romney needs to jumpstart his campaign. Rowe is someone everyone can relate to; along with “Dirty Jobs,” he narrates “Deadliest Catch.” One Mike Rowe is equal to a thousand Beyonce and Jay-z’s……

    1. And Mike Rowe is from Baltimore Maryland and was an Operatic singer in college. The man is a horse of a different color. I like him….

        1. Hahaha. Shoot, Brother, I graduated high school in Montgomery County, MD and live in Carroll County, MD. I like local, home boys. I don’t hold it against him. He got out of the city pretty quickly though.

  5. Man this is Mitt Romney’s wheel house! Because of his business background he understands the manufacturing sector and the hurdles that they face. I mean he is even making a sale for Diane with Timpkin! Now that is ust awesome! Mike was Great! He knows man etiquette.

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