Full Speech: Mitt Romney addresses VFW in Reno, Nevada

Romney gave a great address to the VFW this afternoon in Reno, Nevada. You can watch the full speech below:

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72 thoughts on “Full Speech: Mitt Romney addresses VFW in Reno, Nevada

  1. Romney did not write this speech. He was merely the mouth piece. It is easy to take of war when talking to Veterans.

    But, at what cost does war come? First to go are the benefits that Americans need.

    Homeland securities have not become weakened. Do not be a foll an invite BIG BROTHER into your home! he will never leave and your rights will be violated.

    American’s, do you really want to relive the Bush administration on steroids, because that is what you will get with a Romney administration.

    And that GOP VP nominee, Paul Ryan? What a bean pusher. How many of you have been replaced by bean counters? Bean counters have no soul, only numbers in their heads and heart.

    You see how much he waves? That is because he is waving goodbye to your benefits. Kiss your butt goodbye, with this duo. they remind me of Dick Dastardly and Mutley.

    Hopefully when the race is over all we will hear Romney say will be: “Drat, and double drat!” or “Drat, drat and triple drat!” and even “Curses, foiled again!” His other catchphrase will be, “Muttley, do something!”

    Buyer BEWARE. Read the fine print, or you will be up the creek with out the proverbial paddle.

    ~The Baby Boomer Queen

    1. So you are saying that obama is merely the mouthpiece for the teleprompter speeches that he gives so people should not believe him? Homeland Security has been weakened and according to the WH, they are limited on their resources. This is not the Bush administraton. Romney has completely different credentials but he is more experienced than obama is and is smarter too! I guess the failing economy that obama lies about is find with you? obama is the one that has proposed cuts to the military’s benefits. The Republicans in the House would not even discuss it because they care about our troops. Ryan understands economics and that is more than a bean pusher. A lot of people know this and so should you! It would be nice if obama cared about America enough to have his own plan but he doesn’t. Therefore, according to obama’s “no plan,” medicare will go bankrupt and seniors will have no care. obama doesn’t care about them. Thank goodness those of us who actually understand the issues tell the truth about them when the left lies as they always do.

  2. I still can’t figure out what Romney has in mind for this country. All I hear is put down of Obama and missleading lies about him. I so tired of the lies this GOP keeps saying over and over to get the vote, let alone the ignorance of the parties supporters to beleive their crap. Hope they don’t put another Gov. Bush in office again. My biggest fear is the power of the money.

  3. When America needed him Mitt Romney did everything he could to avoid service. He took deferments for college and for religious reasons. But other college students volunteered for combat in Vietnam, as did other young Mormons. He did not oppose the war, he marched in to support it, but like his ancestors before him and his sons after him ignored that call. No one in his family has ever served this nation. When a mother of a combat soldier asked why none of his sons were serving Romney replied that his son was serving his country by helping to get him elected president. My family, and I am sure yours can show generations tat have served.Even first generation Americans, some not yet citizens serve our nation in time of war. But in time of war, a war he supported, Mitt Romney shirked his duty. Now he talks big again.

    But then again we can’t trust his words can we?

    In 1994:

    “It was not my desire to go off and serve in Vietnam, but nor did I take any actions to remove myself from the pool of young men who were eligible for the draft.”

    But hedid take derfirments. But then ..

    … In 2007:

    “I longed in many respects to actually be in Vietnam and be representing our country there, and in some ways it was frustrating not to feel like I was there as part of the troops that were fighting in Vietnam.”

    1. It’s not going to work Max. We know who Obama is and he is evil, inept, an enemy of America. http://www.TheObamaFile.com <has been put in the US Library of Congress, letter on home page. Here is what Colonel Sellin has to say about this subject. http://english.pravda.ru/opinion/columnists/13-07-2012/121651-obama_corruption-0/ Anyone that would put down an accomplished and good man like Romney and praise Obama is clueless, a Commie or both. http://english.pravda.ru/opinion/columnists/15-06-2012/121397-barack_obama_prison-0/

      1. That does not change any of what I said about Mitt Romney. Can you name any of his family or ancestors that ever defended this nation? Did he not avoid service himself? He will say anything to get elected, just as he was willing to do anything to avoid service.

        By the way which candidate for POTUS signed a bill into law banning assault weapons?

        1. How many BO family members ever defended this nation? Did he not avoid service or meaningful employment of any kind?
          BTW, which candidate gave assault weapons to Mexican drug cartels to use against American citizens?

      2. Don’t forget Obama is a Bolshevik African-Born Mau Mau Secret Muslim Marxist. Because, everyone who shares an Anglo Saxon Heritage knows this.

  4. looks to me like he’s been watching many speeches from Bill Clinton. the vocal pauses, facial freezes, gesticulations, etc….are uncanny…almost identical to Clinton. i guess Clinton has got the right tone of speaking to a crowd.

  5. Excellent intro to vets.

    Some think Romney should be hitting back harder at obama. But I am wondering after watching this, that staying calm, cool and collected could very well give him the advantage. Obama is spending more than they are raising. He’s desperate. When you get desperate, you don’t think straight. You make mistakes. The rational, calm person has the advantage.

    During this interview, Romney hit obama on quite a few things that may not be well known to many. As the election gets closer, this strategy may be the best way to go. I thought it was a pretty good speech.

  6. That really was a great speech. He has come a long way since he began his quest 8 years ago. I think (or at least hope) that he will be a great president. The debates could end up being the most important debates of the 20th-21st centuries….as long as we have someone other than the news media running them.

  7. Let’s hope he governs as well as he gives a speech. This was great, but we need to watch him.

  8. I agree, I am finally excited to have this man as our candidate. Perhaps his staff has finally started listening to Mark Levin?

    1. Sorry guy, but I’m not swayed. He’s lied too many times, and has a terrible track record. At this point, unless I’m talking to a guy like LTCs West or North, I’m just writing off flowery speeches to Vets and AD personnel as nothing more than lies and political panhandling. I don’t readily trust the word of civilians, especially those that refuse to serve, but can’t run fast enough, or spend enough money, to lead those that do.

      1. Romney may well have fallen short on some things…but none of it compares to the actions Obama has taken – weakening our country in ways that will take years to correct. Obama doesn’t believe in Capitalism or the time honored values and principles that built a great nation – America. He doesn’t believe in, understand or support American Exceptionalism.

          1. Who are you? Oh, yeah. Nobody. The same nobody that’s good for nothing but laughable sniping, because he’s too brainless to answer straightforward questions, such as the ones I posed to you about your god, WILLARD. Until you can man up and answer those adult questions, get back in the bitch seat, because you’re certainly not man enough to drive, pee-wee.

            1. Ah yes, I’m a nobody who asks one question that you really don’t want to answer because you will be revealed as the intellectual masturbater that you are.

              I’m not sure what questions you are referring to, I make it a habit to answer questions asked to me as straight forward as I can.

              But it’s possible that I ignored your questions because I’m not interested in stupid arguments because unless you think “WILLARD” is Satan, himself, he is a better choice than Pres. Obama.

              But maybe you are so miopic you can’t see the clear differences between the two.

              Who do you support, again?

              1. Seriously, you need to back up and regroup, if you think I owe you any explaination as to who I vote for, what policitical activities I engage in, who I’ve voted for in the past, what my MOS is, etc. You’re a nobody, and don’t question me like you’ve got a right to know anything.

                WILLARD’s guilty of lying about everything, down to his own name. He lies about his so called dedication to the First Amendment.


                He takes property that may’ve belonged to the State and destroys evidence of his political activities.



                He verbally expresses his hatred and contempt for Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush.


                He expresses his adoration for one of the most destructive, anti-American leftists, Ted Kennedy.


                He endorses social medicine, something Reagan was adamantly against, and that socialist program has devastated the state he ran into the ground.


                He’s a child murderer.


                He’s pro-gay/socially liberal.


                He’s a tax-hiker.


                His positions are in lock step with Obama’s. This civilian’s word is just as worthless as Obama’s, and flip flops don’t indicate changes of heart; its just political pandering for votes. Unless you answer those questions, and in full, stop bothering me, because I will just ignore everything else you post. You’ve been asked these same questions too many times, and I will not ask them, again, of you, or anybody else. Period. If you fail to do so, then maybe you’d better reevaluate who is, and who isn’t, “myopic”, even as you learn how to spell the words you think you know the meaning of, but probably do not.

                1. Yes I cant spel eether. You cot mee. Ur debaiting skillz r unquesshuned. Eye whish eye wer u.

                  I will answer your questions with a lot more clarity than your “answer” to my simple question. I am only using the articles you used because your questions are irrelevant to the big question that is important to the 2012 Presidential election.

                  1) Romney seemed to think he was hamstrung by Mass Law. Unlike our current President, he had to follow the law of the land. (Difference number one between Romney and Obama) – BTW Reagan voted for abortion rights in CA. WOuld you have voted for Reagan in 1980?

                  2) Talk about a trumped up charge! According to your own article what Romney did is PERFECTLY LEGAL. Unlike our current President who is ILLEGALLY hiding behind Executive Priviledge. (Difference number 2 between Romney and Obama)

                  3) Going back in time now, aren’t you? Reagan said his political hero was FDR. Would you have voted for Reagan in 1980 because he was wrong about FDR? Pres. Obama’s mentor, on the other hand was a known and dangerous communist. (Difference number 3 between Romney and Obama)

                  4) Reagan often praised the people on the left he HAD to work with, both as Gov of CA and as Pres. Would you have voted for Reagan in 1980 because he praised a lefty? Whereas Obama thinks of himself as a king and will rarely talk to his dems in Congress, let alone the Republicans. (Difference number 4 between Romney and Obama)

                  5) While I don’t like “Romneycare,” Romney has been consistant to get rid of Obamacare. Name another candidate (who could possibly win) who promises to repeal Obamacare. (Difference number 5 between Romney and Obama)

                  6) Ronald Reagan allowed abortions in California in the first time. He changed his mind on that. Why do you not allow Romney the same move to the right? Would you not have voted for Reagan in 1980 because of his previous abortion stance? Obama – on the other hand voted for the approval of murdering babies who were already born! (Difference number 6 between Romney and Obama)

                  There you are. I answered your questions.

                  I honestly don’t care whether you tell “me,” a “nobody,” who you plan on voting for. I’ only making the point that you are nothing but a hater and your plan is to re-elect Obama. Vote for whoever you want – I just wonder why you are so afraid to share with us this mythical candidate so we can support him/her too.

                  What’s your plan, VirusX? Who’s the unicorn I should vote for?

                2. No, you made the same excuses WILLARD made.

                  1) WILLARD had the same job Krispy Kream Christy has: governor. Christie has a leftist legislature, and yet, what does he do? He has become famous for living up to his promise to veto legislation on a regular basis that he dislikes and views as leftist and destructive to his state. WILLARD didn’t seem to have any inclination to do that. As for Reagan, if he did it, I would’ve opposed him, and I see you’ve provided no substantiation to anything you’ve said. Not one shred.

                  2) There is talk that the archives did NOT belong to WILLARD, but to the State, as the archivist has been saying. Either way, it shows more dishonesty and shady behavior, as he destroyed these things for purely political motives. What was he hiding? Why does he have to hide anything? Not smart to destroy evidence, then point fingers at someone else, even Obama, and claim he’s not being transparent.

                  3) Again: substantiate. WILLARD praised Kennedy for helping pioneer social medicine in Massachusetts. Why did Reagan praise Roosevelt? You’ve done nothing but provide your worthless word,and shown no substantiation or clarification. Another question not answered.

                  4) Reagan praised people as people; WILLARD, again, praised the murderous drunk Ted Kennedy, for his assistance in driving Massachusetts deeper into the financial red, and further from freedom, through the imposition of social medicine (something Reagan opposed), and paving the way for national socialism.

                  5) “While I don’t like “Romneycare,” Romney has been consistant to get rid of Obamacare.”

                  Now, you’re flat out lying.


                  “Name another candidate (who could possibly win) who promises to repeal Obamacare. (Difference number 5 between Romney and Obama)”

                  Lieutenant Colonel Allen West, United States Army

                  6) Reagan showed his change of heart; WILLARD has not, and WILLARD’s word is worthless, as he is a man that destroys evidence of his political activities, and is a consistent, near-pathological liar, even when it comes to his own name. His record has been anything BUT pro-life, and I’ve already substantiated that. If he had an ounce of guts, he’d be like the Ohio Legislature, when it comes to abortion, but I know he will not be, because that’s not the kind of man he is.

                  As for your question, I couldn’t give a damn less who you vote for, or even if you live or die.

                3. Whether I live or die? I always thought threats are a great debating technique too. Seriously, I think the virus has gone to your head.

                  You just love Obama and really hope that he gets reelected. If there was another unicorn candidate, please name the person so I can vote for him.

                  I didn’t know Allen West was running. I’d totally vote for him. Right now… HE CAN’T WIN BECAUSE HE’S NOT RUNNING!!!

                  (Who do you think West will vote for in Nov?)

                4. You parse words and bullsh*t. You lie, and say there are threats, where there is only antipathy. You start meaningless arguments, because you’re too ignorant and stupid to accept the fact that people can, and will, disagree with you, and that they have principals that you, apparently, lack. Find someone else to talk to, you bore me, that this thread is old.

                5. I didn’t parse anything! How did I “lie?” You are sounding so juvenile it’s pathetic. Maybe you should reconsider your anti-Romney religion, because you have turned your hatred for Romney into your own personal dogma.

                  I didn’t start a meaningless argument. I only asked a simple question… one you still refuse to answer…

                  The fact YOU can’t accept is one of two people will be the President in January. One is Barrack Obama and the other is Mitt Romney. There is NO OTHER CHOICE!

                  Romney isn’t perfect, I never said he was. In fact… you are the liar in claming I agree with Romney 100%. I will vote for Romney, because as imperfect as he is, he is 10000 times better than our current marxist in chief.

                  What say you?

        1. His every word, though, is the opposite of what he’s done, in the past. The way he’s governed, he’s claiming he’s the opposite. The evil things he’s stood for, ranging from abortion to gay rights, he claims he’s against, now. How could you trust someone like him? His word is worthless, and he has no honor. He’s no better than Obama, but the corrupt GOP Establishment has insured that we will have no choice in this election, and that we, ultimately, won’t even have a voice. I’m starting to hate a lot of things, and people, over this.

  9. Yet another civilian that dodged his responsibility to his Country, for personal interests, as well as what was probably a distinct lack of an integral Army Value: personal courage. Flowery bullsh*t from civilians talking about how much care they’re going to take care of me, when they’re just campaigning for my vote toward their attaining political office does nothing but turn me off. Crap talk from crappers like WILLARD and Obama, both, make me want to kick them in the nuts.

      1. Doesn’t matter. There are only two choices. You can stand on principle all day long, still comes down to the marxist or Mitt.

      2. How about you be something other than a spineless little girl, and answer the questions I already posed to you, weeks ago? Until then, this question was asked and answered. Answer those questions, or find someone else to pester, pee-wee.

        1. Answered? “None of your business” was your answer. Seems incomplete to me.

          This “spineless girl” still wants to know how you justify voting for Pres. Obama?

          As the pee-wee of pee-wees, I’d be happy to answer your questions, but it doesn’t matter because I know, as a hater VirusX,you hate the truth, so I’ll whisper it to you… “Romney is better than Obama and it’s not even close…”

  10. Another awesome speech by Romney! Way to put Obama on blast for leaking our security secrets! I love it when Romney said that, ” In dealing with other Nations the President has given trust where is is not earned, insult where it is not deserved and apology where it is not due”. Now that sums up the Obama foreign policy doctrine! Keep it com’in Romney!

  11. and keep in mind, the only federal workers being laid off to cut costs are the military men and women. Many as they approach retirement age. But then, they do not count so much as democrat voters.

  12. Based solely on that speech he does inspire confidence, it will be his appointments that will be the determining factor of just how sincere he is.

  13. Excellent speech. “Courage, generosity, decency, freedom, and hope” pretty well sums up the America that this Canuck admires so much.

    “I love America. I love what America represents.” Me too.

    (Am I allowed just one cavil? Could have done without the reference to giving more billions to Egypt, as though they have a right to taxpayer funds…I prefer the Perry approach – let other countries prove by their actions that they share our values, then help them if they really need it.)

    1. There’s an organization that has 7 core values of:

      Selfless Service
      Personal Courage

      If WILLARD really cared about such values as the ones he espouses in his political panhandling, he would’ve joined that organization (the ARMY). Hell, if those were too many for him, there’s Honor, Courage and Commitment; he could’ve tried to live up to those core values in the Marine Corps. He did neither, and there’s no evidence he even considered either of them. At least Obama and Hillary spread the lie that they thought about joining. I don’t like bullsh*tters and I don’t like slicksters. WILLARD’s both. He’s a serial liar, and if he wants my vote, he’d better knock off the bullsh*t, and start telling the plain and simple truth, for once, especially if he’s thinking about romancing Veterans and Active Duty personnel.

      Be real, or be quiet.

      LTC West was right; every time we have a CinC that’s nothing but a civilian it weakens the country.

      1. The roster of relatively recent Presidents who have never served in the military – FDR, Clinton and 0zero – easily proves your point, with which I and surely many others agree. It’s because I admire and care about the USA that Romney was never the best nominee from my point of view.

        But unless a Palin/West ticket can be brought about at the convention (please God, even though others chastise the thought) it is likely to be a ‘choice’ between Romney or the disaster now disgracing the office of the President.

        I think many people are making the best of a less than exciting proposition, because that’s the way it has turned out, and we can’t turn back the clock. So yes, I am pleased when the presumptive nominee tells it like it is, and not solely to veterans – and expect him to act upon it. Even if Romney is just speaking from a template, it’s past time that Americans were reminded of their country’s remarkable history and achievements, built by the qualities that you list, and I laud.

        The real problem is that the GOP is a lost cause, and a third, Constitutional-type party may be the only way to cut free from corruptocrats in two parties that all too often are just two sides of the same coin, and manipulate (con) the electorate so easily.

        Thanks for your reply, VirusX, I respect your posts and your views. But please, if I may say, don’t withhold your vote against 0zero. He’s not worth it.

        1. Looking at WILLARD’s record, its just so difficult. The guy has stood for everything I despise Obama for, and he even INVENTED Obamacare. Last time, with McCain, I was just going to sit the election out. McCain was a pathetic candidate, and an archetype RINO, and that was the worst election I could remember. Not until Palin came along, did I get out to vote, and that was sheerly for her. WILLARD, who can’t even tell the truth about his own name, won’t pick a Palin. He’s made that clear. He wants a bland ‘yes man’ that blends in with the political wallpaper. People believe he’ll look at Rubio, and that makes me just as sick, as Rubio is just as much the RINO, but made worse by his racial identity politics, as well as his ineligibility for even being in political office. This will be a far worse election, than the last, as WILLARD, a lying backstabber and liar, has now come out on top. No matter who gets in office, there won’t be any justice.

          1. Thanks again for your reply.

            I and others here have similar thoughts, and we’ve done a fair bit to get the word out on Romney’s record in Massachusetts, as you probably saw earlier this year. To no avail in the end. A look at the response to just one item about Newt on today’s page here, tells you that people haven’t forgotten their preferences either!

            Agree totally that Rubio is in no way qualified for VP – 0zero redux IMO. Palin deserves to be President, rather than VP, again IMO.
            West could do far more good as Sec. of State than neutered as VP.
            That outfit needs an overhaul and audit badly.

            I won’t go on, but know that a lot of folks here feel as strongly as you do. I cheer myself up a bit by thinking that when Romney (if it’s Romney) is elected, it’ll be by a landslide and he’ll have no choice but to undo the damage that’s been done. The people are more awake than they have been in decades, the silent majority is now vocal, and he will have to heed them. At the same time, another party will have 4 years to organize and get strong, and it should, regardless.

            Hope you will vote just to get rid of the zero, but that’s up to you. Either way, good luck and God bless.

            1. He bothers me at a conscience level. While monkeys asses like the idiot that’s been chasing me around like a yipping pomeranian apparently have no conscience or values, I do, and abandoning them for politics just doesn’t sit right for me. Romney’s done a lot of bad things in his past, identical to Obama, and I can’t help but wonder if a vote for him will really solve anything. Too many times, I’ve seen him shadow Obama in his policies, but now he tries pretending he never said or did those things, and its frustrating.

              1. Boy, VirusX, you had me worried last night when you replied to the chihuaha and wrote that the frustration about this election is causing you to start hating some things and people! How about converting your strong feelings into helping to establish a new party? Don’t hate – it only exacts a price from you, and then where will your conscience be?!
                Romney’s failings are not identical to 0zero’s by any means IMO, and there’s even hope now about him acting as a US President should not just for the USA, but for our allies too.
                For me, his most egregious actions have been around gay marriage and so-called LGBT ‘education’, using the foulest of the foul to preach filth; and then abortion. There are others, of course. But, I also think we have to take into account the fact that he was in a state that honoured, and probably still does, the Kennedy tribe. That gets some weight, since it was the reality that had to be dealt with.
                Bottom line is that another 4 years of 0zero and there won’t be an America worth worrying ourselves or our consciences about. That’s the choice. Good luck making yours.

                1. There’re already plenty of political parties. I’m already scheduled to make a decision at the end of this year to stay with the GOP, or leave to another that’s been calling out to me. As for WILLARD’s failings, I’ve laid them out, and they’re identical to Obama’s; his siding with gays, when he calls himself a “christian” (which I do not recognize him to be) just further emphasizes his lack of fitness for political office. He can’t hide behind his state being leftist, because Reagan (the man he slandered) had to contend with leftist SCUM like Tip O’Neil, and yet he didn’t use that as an excuse to run with the liberal pack. He KILLED liberalism, forcing them to reinvent themselves as the even deeper scum, they are to this day, and which WILLARD so closely identifies with.

  14. God Bless us and the next President of the United States Mitt Romney…………

  15. Great patriotic speech!

    Something we haven’t heard in 3 and a half years from Barry. A legend in his own mind.

    1. I don’t think questions about Islamic issues, “Islamic” terrorism can be dealt with in the campaign. I think it is a hotter third rail that entitlements.

        1. I met him on a trip to New Zealand a couple of years ago. He was going on a hunt on the South Island. He let me get a pic with him.

          It was soooo cool!!!

  16. I believe he has just ‘bitch’ slapped Obama and ALL his cronies!!!

    He is not afraid to say extreme islamists!!!

  17. They introduced Mitt as””… the next president of the United States!” Hard to concentrate because his speech is being interrupted constantly by applause.

    I guess the VFW respected Obama too much to interrupt the Presidential recitation of lies, moronic defense and limp-wristed promises. The audience sat there in dumb-founded disbelief, like me

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