FULL SPEECH: Watch Romney/Ryan in Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney and running mate Rep. Paul Ryan spoke in a campaign rally at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado. Watch the full speech below:

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151 thoughts on “FULL SPEECH: Watch Romney/Ryan in Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado

  1. In watching this speech, towards the end, you see the “heart” of Mitt Romney who can speak to the mental/emotional/spiritual side of being unemployed and not knowing what’s going to happen next……all without cards, notes or a teleprompter……and the only candidate that has addressed the REAL side of being unemployed.
    Toward the end of the speech you hear a man talk about the “heartbeat” of the American spirit and only a man that truly understands what makes us GREAT as a nation can speak to this.
    My husband wrote down the 5 points Romney made WAY back during his acceptance speech during the RNC. The 5 points have not changed. Consistant throughout all the debates, speeches, rallies etc. Consistancy, integrity and humility are character traits that I think would fit well in the White House.
    I’m an educator of 23 years. I think unions have their place but in so many cases have protected mediocrity……especially in education.
    I fully support the Romney/Ryan team and look FORWARD to the positive change R &R can bring to our great country.

  2. I am so afraid these days that Obama will pull it out of the bag. Coming here and reading your comments see what I believe in gives me Strength. God give them strength and keep us all safe.


  4. Praying God’s word for Mitt and Paul

    “The mouth of the righteous speaks wisdom, and his tongue talks of justice. The law of his God is in his heart; none of his steps shall slide.”

    Psalm 37:30-31

  5. ” He was born in the summer of his 27Th year. Coming home to a place he’d never been before. He left yesterday behind him, you might say he was born again. You might say he found a key for every door.
    When he first came to the mountains, his life was far away. On the road an hanging by a song. But the strings are already broken and he doesn’t really care. It keeps changing fast, and it don’t last for long.
    But the Colorado Rocky Mountain high. I’ve seen it raining fire in the sky. The shadows from the starlight is softer than a lullaby. Rocky Mountain high Colorado”-John Denver
    How appropriate these words were for a man that will be bring back the great state of Colorado back into the red. And how fitting is it for the name- Colorado in Spanish means…Red.
    Mr. Romney you may not be 27yrs old, but on this night you truly were born again in the eyes of those Coloradans in attendance. And you may have woken-up the people of this great Red Mountain state called Colorado.
    And on November 7Th we will all be high as the great red mountains of Colorado. Go Mitt!

  6. Seeing the size of the crowd has to shake the Chicago gang to its core. This is DENVER, which is a “D” town. It was the place where Obama received his coronation. Romney has gone into the belly of the beast, and has just ripped out its heart. This is an earthquake of magnitude 8.0, which shouldn’t go unnoticed. It tells me that Romney has locked down Colorado, and Obama better run back to Ohio.

  7. Prayers to both for protection and God’s divine intervention. For God to help open doors for voters to see the clear choice of getting obama out of power. Amen

  8. It was interesting watching that speech. Paul Ryan sounded a bit wooden and tired honestly, I think he’s probably talked himself out the last few weeks. But Mitt just radiated energy and confidence as he stood before the crowd, and then he talked in such an easy, relaxing manner! It was like having a chat in a living room instead of a stadium with 10,000 people.

    One of the things that Romney has really honed is his ability to connect well with the people on the stump. I guess when you’re saying what you actually believe it’s a lot easier to do it right.

    1. “I guess when you’re saying what you actually believe it’s a lot easier to do it right.”

      Ain’t that the truth!

  9. Thank you Democrats for Romney! We appreciate your help saving this country and turning things around. God bless you all.

    1. The only reason I’m not voting is because I have to make decisions on local races. Otherwise, for the first time in my life, I’m voting a straight Republican ticket on all national races. And I’m registered Independent.

  10. Democrats for Romney/Ryan! Now that’s what I called great placards,and putting America first. Colorado- that’s what I call crossing the line to bring back the greatness of America.

  11. Romney///Ryan will put america back to work, their leadership can be trusted, they respect god and country, christian values,, our business’s will start hiring and growing,,,the last four years of confusion has hurt our american sprint, but with Romney Ryan, we will become the nation of strong values and hard work, lost in the last four ,under a obama//biden regime who doesn’t understand how jobs work, after 40 plus years in the Washington bubble it became more power for them ,not the american people, so get out the vote talk to friends and the ones who never vote ,our nation is o0n the line, this the most important election in yours and my life time, we must stand united and elect romney //ryan , for god //country and our children’s future

  12. Considering I didnt want him until after the primaries and until all the dust settled, he sure has grown on me….and my entire family.

    He’s become a statesman, and ALWAYS was a gentleman.

    2 weeks until November 6. Lets rock and roll.

    1. I second that my friend, he has grown on me not as a politician I respect his humility, his grace, his love for the country, his family etc.

  13. Sometimes it bothers me a bit how much I adore Romney/Ryan after witnessing some of my friends reactions to Obama in 2008. But then I remember that I adore them for the right reasons – they have substance, experience, truth, humility and integrity. My friends worshipped Obama for an unrealistic promise that was completely absurd and was never going to happen. And then I feel better.

    1. Hope your friends changed their minds about Obama, Please tell me that you at least got at least one of them to change their minds.

      1. I suspect a few have changed their minds. Many of my friends are co-workers and we work for a small business that has been hit hard by Obama regulations. So, I believe that they are aware but will not admit that they were wrong to vote for him in 2008. They will not vote for him again but I don’t put them on the spot.

        1. I have said it, we have to do our part to at least talk to people and let them know what is going on, and try to convince them so that on Nov 06, we can look back and say I did my part. Don’t sit on the sidelines, please, please, please.

    2. Good for you! Because unlike liberals, conservatives will not tolerate an Obama-type leader from our own and will turn on them if they veer from what’s constitutional and pro-America. Respect where respect is due.

  14. When Mitt started to speak he seemed almost overcome by the welcome and the crowd. I’m so happy that he is accepted now as “our guy,” not the one we had to “settle for.” He must feel very good about that. I remember back in spring when he didn’t seem that confident of the depth of his support, and it must be so gratifying to see that all turned round.

  15. I was able to see the rally in Henderson, NV earlier today. It’s the first presidential rally I’ve been to since JFK visited my elementary school in 1960. (I told Mom to vote for JFK because he was cuter than that ugly old Nixon. lol) They both said they would go non-stop until Election day. This is an amazing team. I’m a 60 year old black woman who’s voting for Romney/Ryan (in fact, for the first time, straight Republican), because I know if Obama gets another four years, I will be unemployed in less than two. I’m done with the symbolism and the history. American did well by electing him, but he’s terrible so it’s time to move on.

    1. Love your comment, and I hope there is more like you, make sure you get as many as you can to the polls, we need real people like you helping us. thank you

    2. So glad you came around and are voting for the mans character this time. Funny how you kinda blend into a crowd like that, as it should be. ;o)

      1. Hi Juli – I didn’t vote for him the first time. I felt that he was unqualified (I put my HR hat on and didn’t like his resume). He has given me no reason to regret my decision not to vote for him then. The difference is now I’m speaking out about it. Believe me, if you’re black and come out of the conservative closet, you get slammed. It’s not pretty, but I refuse to vote for Obama – it would be voting for my own economic destruction.

        1. Glad to hear that too. I always look at it from an HR perspective after all we are the Bosses. ;o) I have many many conservative friends who are out of the closet who are of darker pigmentation and I know well the reaction so I commend you on standing on your principals. Do you have any that you follow like Kevin Jackson The Blacksphere or Sonnie Johnson, she is my girl? I love her perspective of a single mom? There is always comfort in numbers. The more the merrier I say.

  16. Here is the Gloria Allred Scandal to break in the morning

    Breaking on TMZ-Mitt Romney was heavily involved in the extremely messy divorce of one of his key supporters … and the Boston Globe is going to court first thing Wednesday morning in an attempt to unseal the court file as well as lift a gag order … TMZ has learned.The divorce was between Staples co-founder Tom Stemberg and his first wife Maureen. We’re told the divorce battle lasted for years and was extremely ugly.Sources tell us Romney gave both a deposition in the divorce and testified in the trial. According to our sources, the Boston Globe got a tip that there was “juicy information about Romney” in the sealed documents.Romney, Stemberg and Maureen were all served papers by the Globe notifying them that the paper was trying to unseal the case and lift the gag order enforced on all parties.According to an article in the Boston Globe in 2005, Maureen received nearly 500,000 shares of Staples stock in the divorce … but sold have her shares before the company went public.Our sources say Tom has filed papers opposing the Globe’s motion. Romney’s lawyers have not responded.Tom has been a major Romney supporter, even speaking for five minutes at the Republican National Convention.We’re told Gloria Allred represents someone connected with the divorce and we believe — though we have not confirmed it — that is Maureen. If the gag order is lifted, Maureen and others could freely talk about the divorce … less than two weeks before the election.


    1. Binders, Big Birds, Bayonets and now busybody Allred! HopebChangey boat leaking, sinking everyday!

    2. If you type in Maureen Stemberg on google the name comes up for a poster on HuffPost and under her moniker it says obama/biden. But there is no way of knowing if that is her.

    3. Read it…. I still wonder under what “compelling need” or “good cause” will be sited to unseal and modify/remove the gag order… Bunch of nonsense so it should not be lifted and the gag order should remain….

    4. Allred has no credibility, this is going to look like desperation, because they know Romney is in a train that can not be stopped.

  17. I am sitting here in TEARS on how happy I am to see others finally see we need someone who can help this country. I have kids and G kids I want this country to be back to a GOOD representation of who American’s are. I believe Romney/Ryan can guide us back to GOOD times and a Good country again with Good values… To everyone who drove so far ALL I want to say is Thank you from the bottom of my heart Thank you for wanting a better America>>>>Thank you for valuing our country and what this country was founded for….. Thank you for your good heart… Gov Romney or Congressman Ryan they don’t know me but I care about this country and I believe in my heart they are the men that can help us!!!! Thank you Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan for caring about your country…

  18. Great speech, great crowd! Conservatives, Independents and now it looks like Democrats are all fired up for Romney/Ryan!

  19. Very apt speech by Ryan and Romney tonight at Red Rocks. We got a text from our son just before the festivities started. Our DIL got laid off today after 15 years because of poor sales. DIL is a committed Democrat and is changing her vote.

  20. Scoop, you are amazing! Thank you for this great opportunity to see our next President and Vice President in the great state of Colorado.

  21. WOW! See those secret service guys surround Romney as soon as he broke from the stage to the crowd, quick as a flash? Thank God he’s their guy and they love him. Please Lord protect all of these men and women and their families until they are safely past the next 2 weeks.

    A wonderful event – thank you for posting it – we’re so lucky.

  22. Love it! So uplifting and great encouragement that America is not lost. And there is hope for Democrats. Wouldn’t be surprised if the think-for-yourself Democrats are the fringe group of their party.

  23. Barry not only Bathhouse:
    A man claiming to be a close pal to President Obama during college made contact with Republican operatives recently, ready to go public with claims that Obama used and sold cocaine in college, RadarOnline.com is reporting exclusively
    I have no comments. Really.

    1. That’s no surprise…sadly. In fact, I think he’s still using it now. Was probably on it at the debates.

  24. It’s a “from the heart” message of hope that speaks and resonates with common folks. Love to see many “Democrat for Romney” young people at the platform with R&R. Romney and Ryan are so at ease with the people.

    1. Yes they are. I loved it when Ryan went and shook some of the folks with “Democrat for Romney” signs hands’ at the beginning of Romney’s speech.

  25. They sure are going after Colorado lately. It’s almost like it’s what puts them over 270. Also, if Obama doesn’t have Colorado, he can’t win without Ohio. Romney can win without Ohio if he gets one of these:

    1. MI
    2. PA
    3. WI+(one of IA or NH or NV or any other state).

      1. Yes I agree: only NY and HI will vote for the dicktator.
        CA will use fraud to make it appear that the state goes for the muslim marxist

  26. I believe palpable is the word!!! Loving ‘Democrats for Romney’ sign right front and center at the camera! Praying for RR and families and our beloved country!

  27. What does America need? Four more years of economic terror from Obama bin Biden?

    Or would you like some R&R?

    1. We sure the he// DON’T want or need 4 more of the marxist mooslum regime. I’ll take the Mormon Team over the marxist regime, any day.

      1. I’ll take a Mormon over a muslim any day of the week. Mormons don’t kill in the name of their god.

        1. I have learned more about the fantastic Mormon faith in the last year and truly admire the inner love for God.

          1. I managed a business for two winters in Utah and my Mormon employees were my BEST employees. Really GOOD and DECENT people…well, except for one who was a brat, but she was just born that way….being Mormon had NOTHING to do with her bratiness.

  28. Wow before the convention I had no Idea who Susana Martinez was, boy I’m I impressed with her, as should we all we have a lot of stars in our side. God Bless them and protect them.

      1. Yes I saw her performance on the convention and her story of when she went to dinner thinking she was a democrat, and when she went to dinner with two republicans at the end of the dinner when she got in her car she looked at her husband and said “I’ll be damned Im a republican” It was an eye opening comment.

    1. I liked her speech at the convention too. Did she speak this evening? If so, I missed it and hope it gets posted here.

      Thanks for all your hard work, Mr. Right Scoop.

    1. For me it will be “the usurper is in jail and everything he’s done is null and void”..that includes his supreme appointments.

  29. Gov. Martinez, Obama was lying to us….he’s doing exactly what he set out to do…an economic jihad….he pulled the biggest TAQIYYA evah.

  30. How can the pundits say NM is in the column for bo when they elected this fine republican woman as governor?

          1. I recommend you watch it, the movie is well done and is not a hit piece instead is a exposé on what this country is going to look like, and it allows for the viewer to make up their own minds. And his voice only appears in memorable moments when he spoke so that the viewer can see what he really meant.

            1. it a shocker of a movie,,, the dvd out , the unknowing american public would shocked, i took my college kids and they were shocked ,on how they were razzle dazle and mislead, they are voters know and voting for Romney //Ryan this nov,

              1. It is a masterpiece, do what I did I played it to my whole family and they were shocked to see the real Obama. One of the things I enjoyed more in the movie is with the specialists that took us in the minds of the people that voted for a guy we hardly knew and how revealing that was and how it opens your eyes to never fall for it. Another was Obama’s brother living in horrible condition and how dnesh tried to make him blame obama for not being there for him and how he refused to be a victim, I loved that part.

  31. R&R are not coming to Missouri it is already in their column.

    We are leaving in the morning on a motorcycle trip, hoping to find an R&R rally along the way. My Harley has an R&R decal on the rear bumper.

      1. Anyone know if Kid Rock has a favorite military nonprofit he supports?  I want to make a donation to honor him for standing up for R&R and America!  I didn’t get a tweet response yet from him.

          1. That’s okay.  I tweeted Romney campaign to see if they know.  Kid Rock wrote a great anthem for our military members called Let’s Ride and sang it tonight.  True American Patriot.

    1. Cool nice to see, lets hope they were not all there to see Kid Rock, but we take it anyway.

    2. Wow!!!!! Just fabulous!!! Thanks man, am really grateful. Its great to have the video of the speech but we really need them to pan and show us the crowd. Thats why I’m so grateful for your pics!

      Awesome job!

  32. Nothing better on a Tuesday night than listening to this great music, hearing Romney and posting with Scoop friends.

  33. Man, these guys and their families must be so tired – physically and emotionally. Sweet Jesus, carry them the rest of the way to victory on November 6th!

    1. “Man, these guys and their families must be so tired – physically and emotionally.”

      I was thinking the same thing. Just think of all the packing and unpaking and eating on the run. Maybe they’re energized by the crowds of supporters that come out to see them, and that gets their adrenaline juices flowing.

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