STARTING NOW: Ted Cruz holds committee hearing on “Google and Censorship through Search Engines” [MULTIPLE LIVE STREAMS]

Chairman Ted Cruz is holding a committee hearing at 3:15pm (originally scheduled for 2:30pm) on “Google and Censorship through Search Engines”. You can watch it live below:

Since hearing was delayed, I’ll check back to add more live streams before 3:15.

The hearing will feature testimony from Mr. Karan Bhatia, Vice President for Government Affairs & Public Policy at Google, Inc.

It will also feature Dennis Prager, the co-founder of Prager University who has been the subject of much censorship.

There are others who will be there, but those are the big ones.

While you wait, here’s another Senate hearing on the Census that just began:

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16 thoughts on “STARTING NOW: Ted Cruz holds committee hearing on “Google and Censorship through Search Engines” [MULTIPLE LIVE STREAMS]

    1. Scoop is running the repeat now while we’re waiting in recess. All of it is good. But don’t miss Cruz (several times) and especially Hawley!

  1. Prager was great, but Dr. Robert Epstein is the real star witness here, so far, based on the opening statements. Don’t miss!

  2. Dr. Epstein mentioned SEME – Search Engine Manipulation Effect.
    I found a video him discussing this at Stanford, which I’ll have to listen to later.
    It makes a lot of sense, based on my own experiences with searches. We are social people and when you’re looking up a fact, if almost every link that comes up disputes that fact – even if one knows it’s true – there’s a dispiriting effect and it’s harder to share with others.

  3. Dr. Epstein: If Tech Companies aren’t stopped, 15 million votes in 2020 will be manipulated to the Democrats. The methods are invisible and undetectable.

    And this guy is a Dem.

    1. I noticed that.. his voice was showing the same panic at points. the guy sat there and lied for an hour straight, and Hawley flat out called him on all of it. I think he’s knows they are in deep shit at this point.

  4. What I want to know is WHY didn’t they pull out a laptop, put it on the overhead and SHOW everyone the BS, downward view trends, manipulated results, etc… then point to that asshole and tell him “explain this”
    So much opportunity lost

  5. The moron Bhatia, whenever cornered, keeps saying there are 100,000 Google employees (he’s saying that a lot). But I imagine the vast majority of those employees are “low level” workers who show up, do their jobs, collect their pay, and have no say in policy and procedures.

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