WATCH LIVE NOW: White House continues opening arguments in Senate impeachment trial at 1pm

The White House will continue their opening arguments that they began on Saturday in defense of President Trump in the Senate impeachment trial.

You can watch below on your choice of live stream:




On the issue of Bolton, Levin has been busy this morning. Here’s more from him where we last left off:

By the way, having served at the highest levels of government in the Reagan administration, I’ve never written a book and would never write a book about my interactions or disagreements with colleagues and superiors, let alone the president. On a daily basis, there are robust and passionate discussions about policy, etc., in every administration. Publishers pay big bucks for these kinds of books. And often the author is disgruntled and self-serving in their narrative and trying to settle scores.


Bolton’s book was obviously timed for maximum impact and sales. Having written 8 books, I can tell you that it’s extraordinary that an author could complete a book in about 2 months and the published release it in 3-4 months. In approximately 6 months since departing the White House, Bolton’s book will be in bookstores.

And now the litigation strategy makes sense. First, he went to court to seek a judge’s opinion on whether he could testify in the House. Then, he does an about face, announcing through counsel that he’s available to testify should the Senate ask him. Therefore, he sought to delay any testimony while still writing his book, but after he completed it and submitted it for NSC review, he became available for the trial. And he became available because he knew he’d be criticized for holding back his allegations until the book’s release. Moreover, the strategy also maximizes publicity for the book. The cover of the book is presently highlighted on Drudge and through the media.


Having trashed Bolton throughout his career, including blocking his confirmation as ambassador to the UN, the Democrats and their now love Bolton. His testimony is crucial (except in the House). Every alleged utterance potentially monumental. And the trial is a sham, coverup, partisan, etc. without him. Pure demagoguery.

That about sums it up! Enjoy!

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