WATCH: Liz Cheney REACTS to Trump’s cancelled meeting with the Taliban, but not like you’d expect…

Tonight Liz Cheney was on Special Report to discuss Trump’s secret meeting with the Taliban at Camp David. She got everyone’s attention this morning when she tweeted this:

I completely agree with her. The Taliban have no place on American soil whatsoever.

She discussed this on Special Report with Bret Baier:

I must say I feel like Cheney was pulling her punches. She is right to be glad that Trump cancelled the meeting, however it was clear she didn’t want to criticize Trump directly for planning the meeting in the first place. And this after she said that we can’t trust the Taliban and that they have no place here.

If Obama had planned suggested bringing the Taliban to Camp David, Republicans, including Cheney, would have been no less than scathing in response. But I get it. Trump is so outspoken against his critics that Republicans don’t want to start a war with him and his more dedicated Trump supporters, especially going into an election year.

Trump today said that it was his own idea to meet with the Taliban at Camp David, that he took his own advice:

Like Cheney, I’m very glad Trump made the right decision in the end. But there really should have never been a meeting in the first place and had it happened, I suspect Republicans like Cheney might have been more vocal in criticizing Trump for it. And rightly so.

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39 thoughts on “WATCH: Liz Cheney REACTS to Trump’s cancelled meeting with the Taliban, but not like you’d expect…

  1. Whether right or wrong (on this issue) – Liz Cheney is a hardcore (pro) abortion activist – Why should anyone care what she thinks?

    1. Since when does an exception for rape/incest make one a “hardcore pro abortionist”? You’re redefining the position of probably a majority of anti-abortion Conservatives to being “hard core pro abortionists”.

      We have words to express “anti-abortionist without exceptions”, “anti-abortionist with rape/incest/health exceptions”, “anti-abortionist after the heartbeat can be detected”, etc. Why do what leftists do and try to pull the verbal rug out from everyone by using words that very few people agree with?

    1. Cheney wants Americans dead just as much as the taliban does. The only difference is that Cheney specifically wants pre-born Americans to be murdered, whereas the taliban just wants to kill all Americans, regardless of their stage of development.

  2. As far as the meeting at Camp David after 9/11, that might be a detail Trump was unaware of since it was his decision to have a meeting there. He should have consulted with his advisors first.
    Either way, we should never meet with the Taliban. Not here or anywhere. Keep a minimum of 10K Marines there from now till the cows come home and kill every one of them that pops their head up.

  3. There’s no negotiating with animals. How many years and we’ve never truly tried to wipe them out? You don’t allow such an enemy to be given quarter and the way you do that is by never allowing a situation where they could be captured in the first place. Annihilate the cockroaches.

    1. I think that sounds a lot easier than it is. How many years were the Soviets there before they were driven out?

  4. Establish killzones with title and deed granted to anyone that kills the taliban in those areas. Open it up to the world and let mining operations and privateers go in and annihilate them and hold the territory for themselves. The Taliban would be extinct within 5 years tops.

  5. Everyone has their opinion but Trump said he made the decision himself. The one thing which surprises me is he tends to trust people. I would’ve thought after being a businessman all those years he would’ve learned that lesson by now.

    1. And yet given the last 22 months of being utterly betrayed by even some of his closest advisers, I think he can be excused for being wary of whom he trusts going forward.

  6. Too bad the 2001 meeting at Camp David wasn’t to discuss how the ruling regime in Afghanistan was to be obliterated. The war should have been over before Christmas 2001 with Kabul a smoking hole.

  7. “Trump is so outspoken against his critics that Republicans don’t want to start a war with him”
    I agree Scoop. Of all the good Trump has done and his love of this country, his thin skin responses to even the slightest criticism drives me nuts.

    1. Whenever these things irritate me, i find it helpful to think about the things he DOES rather than the things he SAYS.

    2. The President may not always respond the way most would, but I thank God for it. I was so irritated with GWB when he just kept his mouth shut and refused to stand up to the bully demonRATS. Republicans always take the “high road” which does not help the conservative cause in the fight to keep our great constitution in place. We have to speak up! I hope EVERY republican takes a cue from our great President that you have to fight back with demonRATS (communists) or they will destroy our great nation. The republicans have become a big group of candy asses who let the demonRATS walk all over them. There are a few exceptional conservatives in office who fight back but very few. Cudos to our President, a real man with some HUGE cojones! As a red, white and blue blooded American woman, I love it!

  8. Considering that the Cheneys are a great military family, I guess Trump should heed her advice and take the fight to the Taliban. /s

  9. We allowed Arafat there. I don’t have any objections to who goes where.

    What I care about is a realistic strategy and the courage to carry it out. Since we captured Saddam, US strategy has been fearful and meek.

    Our warriors have been excellent, of course. It’s the garbage ROE and refusal to take charge that is wasting lives and treasure.

    1. My son was in Afghan 2010-11 and he said the ROE ‘rules of engagement’ they were under were not only ridiculous but dangerous to our guys. He admitted that sometimes they just ignored them and “did what they had to do” which was kill the hell out of the enemy.

    2. I agree.

      If we’re going to be in a war (which I oppose), then be in a war. Bomb the entire area to rubble, kill every man, woman, and child, and salt the ashes. Leave a giant stone monument that reads: “HERE ONCE LIVED A PEOPLE WHO DARED TO VIOLATE THE PEACE OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.”

      It’s either that, or leave. Do, or do not.

      But this limp wristed Hearts & Minds police action bullcarp (like Lizzy here and her hubby D!ck support) is not designed to be successful or to ever end. It is meant to be perpetual and to stuff their pockets full of sweaty, fresh printed cash.

      And it’s MY BROTHERS who do the fighting, bleeding, and dying.

  10. I it get totally.

    It’s trumps fault for the meeting and trumps fault for the meeting cancellation.

    Got ya

  11. Since 9/11 was primarily are Saudi operation (planned by, paid for, and carried out by (almost exclusively), aren’t we failing in our fidelity to those murdered on 9/11 and the wars subsequent to them? I’m all for withdrawing from Afghanistan and killing Taliban with drones and SOF at every opportunity, but there are people walking around with blood on their hands and we’re ignoring them.

  12. Since this train has run completely off the rails and some of us are on Scoop’s NFL Pick’em contest I thought this was cool.
    At the beginning of Monday Night Football with Saints-Texans, ESPN brought back the old music intro with Hank Williams Jr. Very cool seeing it again and I hope they keep using it.

  13. Agree with Liz Cheney here, but like Carly Fiorina and Nikki Haley, I’d rather not have to rely on F liberty score (53 percent) Republicans for conservative leadership.

  14. I think meeting with the Taliban was one of the worst decisions in Trump’s Presidency. He went rogue on this totally ignoring his advisers and having it at Camp David is a spit in our faces. It’s as if his arrogance and confidence in himself overtook rationality.

    1. So you’re saying Rahm Emanuel does support the Chicago drug gangs?

      Because the Taliban having harbored, supported, and fought on behalf of al-Qaeda is an indisputable historical fact.

  15. Al kada might have set off the explosion last week and then claimed to be the Taliban. Al kada demands taxes from anyone around them to fund them, that’s how they did it in Irag after they changed their name to isis. A very big problem over there is we don’t know who it is we’re fighting.
    I think people forget that the US already supplies and supports the other half of Afghanistan, Ashraf ghani or Hamid Karzai sound familiar?
    Obama had Hamid Karzai at the Whitehouse.

    1. Karzai was ostensibly not Taliban. Whether Al Qaeda sabotaged the talks is immaterial. Liz is right, the Taliban should not set foot ANYWHERE on US soil, not least Camp David.

  16. Trump says nobody advised him about his plan to host the Taliban at Camp David: “I didn’t discuss it with anybody.”

    The idea that Trump doesn’t actually want to be re-elected is sounding more credible by the minute.

    1. Trump doesn’t need advisors.

      Asked on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” who he talks with “consistently” about foreign affairs, Mr. Trump responded, “I’m speaking with myself, number one, because I have a very good brain and I’ve said a lot of things,”

      [Saying “a lot of things” makes one an expert.]

      [ ]

      I speak to a lot of people, but my primary consultant is myself, and I have a good instinct for this stuff.”

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