WATCH: Local Nevada news says woman who died 3 years ago voted with mail-in ballot and her husband is NOT happy

A woman who died in 2017 somehow voted via a mail-in ballot in Nevada and her husband wants to know who voted in her name:

Nevada was one of the states where ballots were just forcibly mailed to everyone in the state, but this dead woman’s husband says the ballot never arrived at his home. Yet someone filled the ballot out, matched the signature with her previous signatures, and submitted the ballot just before election day.

This may seem like small ball voter fraud, but it sounds to me like it could be indicative of a much larger operation that intercepted and submitted this dead woman’s ballot. The signature matching would seem to suggest that.

Ari Fleischer says regardless of the outcome, there’s enough proof now that there must be a ‘deep dive’ to get to the bottom of this:

We need to find the fraud now that will overturn the election, but the next four years should be dedicated to finding and punishing everyone involved in voter fraud in this election, no matter what side they are on. This madness must stop of people’s faith in this process is ever to be restored.

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