WATCH: Man at Costco flips out after being confronted for not wearing a mask, gets cancelled…

A man at a Florida Costco flipped out after being confronted for not wearing a mask:

The man was reportedly escorted out by Costco staff…

The top video is only 17 seconds, so we don’t know what was said before that and whether or not the people actually ‘harassed’ this man or not. But he clearly loses his temper and freaks out and the man and woman. You can hear the woman with him, who was wearing a mask, yelling ‘Dan’ twice to try and get him to stop. The video has over 8 million views.

Apparently Dan was an insurance agent and his agency got wind of the video and fired him:

This is social media culture. If you act like an ass to someone with a camera, it’s very likely to get you fired. And all over not wearing a mask.

In another video that’s gone viral, a woman was denied entry at some establishment somewhere because she wasn’t wearing a mask. And she went nuts in her own weird way too:

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