WATCH: Marco Rubio says DACA should NOT be part of deal to get border wall funding and here’s why…

Marco Rubio was on with Fox News tonight to discuss the need for a border wall in order to help manage illegal immigration.

During the discussion Martha Maccallum brought up the fact that several Trump supporters are opposed to DACA or any amnesty being given in exchange to get the border wall funding, saying it would be a betrayal of campaign promises.

Surprisingly, the former supporter of the Gang of 8 bill back in 2013 said he didn’t believe DACA should be part of this deal either.

Rubio says that no matter what you believe about DACA, it shouldn’t be negotiated as part of this deal.


The one thing we should all agree on is that every country in the world has a system by which they monitor or control who comes in, when they come in and how they come in. And the United States should be no different. Every other nation on earth does that. Mexico does it. Guatemala does it. Canada does it. And America should do it.

We have a problem on the southern border of not just people being trafficked, of drugs – almost all this heroine that’s finding itself in the streets; the fentanyl that’s being shipped in from China – a lot of that is coming across that border. So even if we didn’t have an immigration problem, you have a rationale for limiting how people can come in and what can come in through that border.

I really would have thought Rubio would have jumped at the chance to trade DACA amnesty in order to get this shutdown over with and fund the border wall. But perhaps he’s learned from his 2013 blunder that followed him into the 2016 primary.

In any event, he’s right and I like how he lays out this argument. Why should we be different than every other country? Because we are such a rich and free country, we have issues that poorer countries don’t have with illegal immigration and we need a way to manage it better.

This wasn’t controversial 5 years ago, as Rubio pointed out earlier in the interview. It’s because it’s Trump that Democrats are playing politics with it.

Watch the whole video for more…

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