WATCH: Mark Levin calls out whistleblower SHAM, tells Senate Republicans to launch a ‘nuclear option’

Mark Levin was on fire tonight on Hannity’s show, calling out both the whistleblower sham and telling Senate Republicans to not play Nancy Pelosi’s game:

As you can see, Trump posted the interview with Levin.

Levin told Senate Republicans to launch a ‘nuclear option’, meaning for McConnell and company to change the rules which would allow the Senate to dismiss any impeachment charges as soon as they come to the Senate.

Levin explains…

“We can’t allow the Senate to be turned into a Nancy Pelosi play thing by the House Democrats. We don’t have a House impeachment inquiry going on here, we have a Democrat Party impeachment inquiry going on here. And only the Senate has the power to police what the House Democrats are doing and they should not participate in this.

It is not a House impeachment inquiry. There was no vote. It’s the Democrat Party’s abuse of power.

Nancy Pelosi has intentionally prevented the Republicans from issuing subpoenas under this process. They’re supposed to be able to. They must not allow her to prevail in her unconstitutional lawlessness. Senate, you better damn well step up!

I think that about sums it up!

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