WATCH: Mark Levin has an interesting theory about the Hunter Biden crime news…

Last night Mark Levin was on with Hannity and shared a very interesting theory about the Hunter Biden crime news that was reported by the Washington Post.


Levin believes this is all a setup to lay the predicate for arresting and charging Donald Trump:

I’ll tell you what I think is going on here. This leak is numerous sources. For some reason they mention Donald Trump twice who has absolutely nothing to do with this matter. I think what they’re trying to do is lay a predicate, lay a foundation – not a legal predicate, but a foundation for the American people and particularly conservatives who go on ‘why don’t they indict him, why don’t they indict Hunter, it’s black and white, they’ve got the goods on him.’

So then we can have people say ‘ok fine’. And then we have Merrick Garland say ‘you see I believe in equality under the law. So we did xyz to Hunter Biden and now we’re doing xyz to Donald Trump.’

I think this is a complete setup. I think Hunter Biden is small potatoes. I think they’re protecting Joe Biden who obviously is more important, he’s the President of the United States and they’ve absolutely no interest in him. And by the way, neither do the media. They keep writing books about Donald Trump like Maggie Haberman and others – who cares!?! What about Joe Biden and all of his ties?

The left wants Trump destroyed so bad and they’ve never been able to accomplish it. Yes, they kept him out of the White House in 2020, but they’ve only bolstered his case for the presidency by doing so. And now they see the new impending threat with him about to make another run for the presidency, so they are doubling down to try and destroy him all over again.

So I absolutely believe that Levin’s theory is plausible, even likely. Levin normally isn’t wrong about these things…

Add to his theory that Daddy Biden will pardon his son in a heartbeat if he needs to, so investigators always have that in their pocket to do whatever they want and claim that it’s ‘equality under the law’ or something.

Watch the video for more…

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