WATCH: Mark Levin honors Trump by suggesting he should be known as the first Jewish president

Mark Levin was invited by President Trump to say a few words at a White House Hanukkah reception and Levin honored Trump by suggesting he should be recognized as the first Jewish president:

Here’s the full transcript which includes portions that begin before the video starts:

THE PRESIDENT: And we have a man that I have, by the way, great respect: Mark Levin. Where is Mark Levin? (Applause.) What a show. Where is Mark? Where is Mark? He’s over here. Lee, send him up here, will you, please? Mark, come on up. Come on up here. Mark — the great Mark Levin. What a show. You know he had a very successful radio show. Who knew that face was going to work so well on television? (Laughter.) Number-one show.

Come on, Mark, wherever you may be. Where are you? I saw him. Is that Mark? Come on, Mark. Get your way up. (Applause.) Make a path. Like we used to say in the military, “Make a path.” “Make a path.” What a great guy. What a great show.

So who thought this guy was going to be a television star? Right? (Laughter.) Hot as can be on radio. All of a sudden, he tries the television thing — the number-one show. Mark, I don’t know how — come on. Both of you come up here. (Applause.) Come on. Come on up, Mark. Yeah, come on, on the dais. See? He hasn’t gotten used to being a star yet. (Laughter.) He’s so big. Right, Mark? Come on over. And, by the way — come here. Get over here. Say a couple of words. Come on. (Applause.)

* * * [Video starts here]* * *

MR. LEVIN: It’s an honor to be here with the first Jewish President of the United States. (Laughter and applause.) And if he isn’t, he should be. (Laughter.)

I want to thank you. I want to thank you for everything you have done for the Jewish people. (Applause.) I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for the Jewish people’s ancestral homeland. (Applause.) You are going to be remembered there for a thousand years. And I want to thank you for what you’ve done for the United States of America. (Applause.) And I want you to know that we will not leave our general on the battlefield without our support, period. (Applause.) God bless you.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you, Mark.

MR. LEVIN: Thank you.

THE PRESIDENT: Fantastic guy. Thank you, Mark.

This morning Levin knocked Jake Tapper for his characterization of his comments:

It wasn’t really a joke, per se. It was a recognition of achievement by Levin for all that Trump has done for the Jewish community, both here and in Israel.

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