WATCH: Mark Levin nails Nancy and Chuck for inciting violence on Supreme Court justices

Last night Mark Levin was on Hannity and absolutely nailed both Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, demanding investigations into both of them for their own incitements to violence regarding the Supreme Court Justices.


Here’s an excerpt from the Levin’s monologue:

LEVIN: “They assisted in criminal activity. We all know about 18 United States Code 1507, you are not allowed to parade and protest and threaten and hassle judicial individuals, particularly Supreme Court justices, and threaten them the way they did. Psaki did it. Schumer did it. Pelosi did it. Are they going to be indicted, Mr. Garland? In fact, Mr. Garland hasn’t indicted a single person who has violated a federal statute, not one! How about them in handcuffs and leg irons, Mr. Garland? What do you say? These are federal violations. And I have not heard a damn thing from Liz Cheney tonight. Have you, Sean?”


LEVIN: “Has she put out a statement condemning Nancy Pelosi, condemning Schumer. The Democrat Party, every damn of them and their Democrats in the media, they all said the same thing Schumer said, trashing the justices, trashing the Supreme Court. They have been at war with this court for years. Its independence, the numbers of justices, threats like Schumer, this has become a serious, serious problem! No commission on any of that. Gee, I wonder why, Liz, I wonder why, Adam.”

Levin also called for Republicans to investigate Pelosi when they get power for not allowing the National Guard to come to the Capitol on January 6th, asking to see her text messages on that day and hammering Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger for not giving a rat’s behind about that.

The whole monologue from Levin is excellent so be sure and watch it for more…

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