WATCH: Mark Levin REACTS to the Mueller hearing

Mark Levin responded to the Mueller hearing tonight on Hannity and lit into Schiff for his blatant hypocrisy on all things Russia, ignoring the Obama administration yet going after Trump like he’s the devil:

I’m sure Hannity had a jam-packed show, but I was hoping for more than just 4 minutes from Levin. Clearly not enough.

But I have a solution for those of you who want more. Below is Levin’s podcast from tonight and you can listen to his entire show:

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76 thoughts on “WATCH: Mark Levin REACTS to the Mueller hearing

  1. NOW: Let the actual prosecutions begin. I want these anti-America communists sent away.

    Mark, You are indeed The Great One.

  2. Levin hits the nail on the head as usual, but he is preaching to the choir. Us.
    The Democrats are sore losers. Just because they got kicked in the gut today after their bombshell was a dud, they’ll be back with more allegations.

    1. The donkeycrats just never learn. They have cheated and lied for so long, they’ve evolved into pond scum, and that is being unkind to pond scum.

      1. May they evolve into irrelevancy or bankruptcy over their liability on the issue of reparations.

  3. Does anyone know where Anne and some of the other hacks who praised James Comey and Robert Mueller are? But, but, but Mueller is a former marine and lifelong Republican….. They need to subpoena Andrew Weissman and force that A hole to testify.

    1. They’re in their bubble, still pretending that Trump is about to go under. They’re a study in denial. They still would refuse to admit that they were wrong about how the investigation started and how it proceeded. Time and again they were wrong about what Mueller’s team was doing, what information they had, what the leaks represented, etc. They wouldn’t admit that their narrative was a failure to save their lives.

      1. I love to peek in there when I’m truly bored like waiting for my nail polish to dry @onlywithreason:disqus 😉 It amazes me how many of them call themselves Christians but say they would support Mayor gayboy for president.

    2. Beth, Tiff, Lenny, Halo, Season, Soda, Annie, Alien, Shadow, Bob, Van, Bibbly, Balls, etc…. All surely yet convinced of their righteous opposition and gearing up for future anti-Trump battle.

  4. Breaking: Jeffrey Epstein found semi-conscious in his cell with marks on his neck indicating an attempted suicide or attack. Well, we know that it wasn’t the Clintons because the job wasn’t finished.

    Also: Rutger Hauer dead at 75. RIP Roy Batty.

    1. This incident begs the question, since there was also speculation that Epstein could have been accosted by another inmate then who decided that it was a good idea to put Epstein in harms way?

      RIP, Rutger Hauer.

      1. Yeah, there’s plenty of street cred for taking out a celebrity dirtbag. Who knows at this point?

    2. They better put him in a padded cell and keep him safe. It’s difficult to survive as a blackmailer of powerful people when the jig is up.

    3. Yeah, God speed to this wonderful actor.

      As for Epstein, I will predict that he was being given a little help in going to his maker – this man cannot be allowed to testify as it will destroy a slew of democrats/media types. Also, even in prison, they have standards (ha,ha). They don’t take to kindly to those who hurt children. .

  5. Anyone else get the impression that Mueller was a pawn, a fall guy to take the heat for the failed impeachment?

    1. Like trytothink, I don’t believe they expected to fail, but Rosenstein figured Mueller would give some gravitas to the investigation while Weissman actually did the hit. I also wonder if Muller’s imprecise answers and confusion was cover so his head won’t roll when this travesty is totally exposed.

    2. I don’t think that the Democrats were looking to fail when Mueller was chosen. Comey loved the idea. I’m sure he thought that even though Mueller was losing a step that he would let Weissmann handle the job of hiring the appropriate Trump-hating team and getting the job done.

      I think that if the Democrats knew how badly Mueller was going to perform yesterday, they would have avoided inviting him to testify. They would have found some other way to exploit the report.

    3. Rosenstein got Comey fired, he assumed the role as acting Director of the FBI, and then hired Mueller to open an investigation into the left’s manufactured Russian collusion story. I’d say, yes. However, Mueller was a willing pawn with an agenda. The fact is he didn’t have to accept the job, but he did.

    4. Yes, I have been fostering that opinion since yesterday’s heinous display, bordering on elder-abuse. They knew he had dementia and used him as a figurehead, to operate underneath the aegis of Herr Mueller, allegedly formerly respected prosecutor

        1. Me too. And I’ve been saying the same thing about Bill Clinton for several years now.

          Remember how they made fun of Reagan in his final years of his presidency, saying he was “sleepy” and such, and it turned out that he really did have Alzheimer’s? And, up until his last day in office, on his worst day, he was sharper than Mueller was yesterday. By far!

    5. I’m thinking maybe a guilty conscience. Maybe he realized how he left this case in his report was incorrect and screwed the Democrats over. He doesn’t seem like the type of guy that goes into something so unprepared. Just guessing.

      1. That’s why I posed the question. I haven’t studied this much, but I sense something amiss here.

      2. Some of the pundits who seem to know Mueller were not buying this feeble-minded schtick. They said that this was deliberate – his asking to repeat questions, asking where in the report something was to use up that person’s 5 minute time limit. It would be interesting for someone to do an analysis to see if Mueller used this only when it was an R asking the questions.

        Also, to say that something was not within his purview was absolutely untrue and he and the DOJ need to be called out on it. When he said that he didn’t know who Fusion GPS was, the next Republican should have thanked him for his time and dismissed him right then and there and demanded a new investigation into Rosenstein. Either the man is a feeble-minded dolt or he was playing a Giacanno like role that should win him an academy award.

  6. Have yet to hear anyone on the left express the least concern over the possibility of treasonous activity against the presidency within our government.

    1. And you won’t. Mark Levin was just on Fox and that is what he was espousing. This was an attempt from Obama on down to destroy our electoral system. If Trump had been a McCain or a Romney, you know more of a “good” guy (the kind that the Dems have come to expect), he would have gone down with the ship and we would be no more than indentured servants for generations to come.

      The Republic would have been dead. This is how serious this really is and the DOJ needs to continue to clean house within their department as well as in other places like the FBI and the intelligence community as well as the FISA court system. We should demand this.

    2. You would have a greater chance of winning the power ball lottery than that ever happening. Putting Obama in the White House allowed for the complete take over of the democrat party by the alt left islamo-fascists.

    3. Yeah dont hold your breath waiting either. Ends justify the means with them – getting Trump is all that matters.

    1. Andrew Weissman, the # two person that many felt really ran this political hit job. He was called by Pollak, the poster boy of prosecutorial misconduct because throughout his career, he has the distinguished honor of having many of his cases overturned by the SC (9-0).

      Read up on Mr. Weissman and if you are of an open mind, you will want to ask Rod Rosenstein a lot more questions on his handling of this silent coup that was his and Comey’s doing.

    2. An attorney whom has a long history of corrupt, unethical and lawless behavior. He played a key role in the Enron case.

  7. Republican Senators, Radcliffs, Collins’, Goehmert’s and Jordan’s questions and comments laid bare Mueller’s utter lack of basic knowledge and understanding about the investigation. Given Mueller’s lack of knowledge I came to the conclusion that Mueller removed himself from the investigation early on and handed over the reigns to Weissman and the rest of the corrupt democrat attorneys. I also believe that it was Weissman and the other democrat attorneys that wrote the final report.

    Mueller contradicted himself three times during this hearing when asked about his unsubstantiated reason for insinuating that the question of obstruction was still in play. Radcliffe brilliantly proved Mueller’s claim there is a DOJ policy in place regarding obstruction to be a bald faced lie. Collins was equally brilliant when he got Mueller to emphatically say, “yes” that there was no irrefutable evidence of obstruction.

    The fact that the concluding remarks of the final report were written as an opinion piece they should have been stricken from the record because prosecutors have no legal or justifiable authority to pass judgement on the outcome of an investigation.

  8. And so it was that later
    As Mueller told his tale
    Another farce at first just ghostly
    Turned a whiter shade of pale

    1. He was horrible!! My local Conservative talk show hosts really took him to task this morning.

  9. Mueller looked feeble and not mentally sharp and I almost felt sorry for him. Almost. This sham investigation has hurt the country and so many people like Gen. Flynn and others who were forced to spend their life savings to hire expensive DC lawyers on this sham. Mueller should have wrapped this up a long time ago but let it drag out for years.

  10. Imagine if Mueller were prosecuted for his memory lapses, misstatements, and misunderstandings at this hearing the way that Mueller’s prosecutors went after Flynn and Papadopoulos?

    1. Must read indeed. Sean Davis nails it. Looking at some twitter threads, it looks like a lot of the TDS folks are too busy crying to tweet. I saw relatively little hater traffic.

  11. He: I refuse to answer that question!
    Rep: Why won’t you answer that question?
    He: What question?
    Rep: The one you won’t answer.
    He: Did you ask it yet?
    Rep:I just asked it of you.
    He: Asked what?

    1. Mueller: A fusion G what?
      Rep: Sir, it was a company that you should know about without hesitation.
      Mueller: I don’t use fusion “mumbles to himself” g er es it raises my blood pressure.
      Rep: “stares in disbelief”, ok it’s not a trick question it is even in the report.
      Mueller: Leave me alone i don’t want no fusion gee pee ess i want my water!

  12. I really like how Mark called out Obama. He was behind this entire thing and I hope Barr/Durham are including him in their investigation.

    The other thing we now know is WHY the Hillary side of the investigation never went anywhere………..Weissman and his hate filled Clinton donors were running the show. Mueller had nothing to do with it.

  13. I wonder how long Mueller has been incapacitated, he obviously was only a figurehead… why didn’t any Republicans know he has dementia? We should have known that… but that doesn’t happen overnight… was he just a figurehead when he did nothing about IRS targeting?

  14. I would go further TRS: Perhaps Levin could simply replace Hannity. That would be a win-win-win for FNC and the audience.

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